Wilton Cake Decorating books

angelica_bunny, Oct 31, 4:56am
Hi, has anyone used these annual books that wilton put out!I was looking at buying one from trade me but not sure how user friendly they are.I'm only just starting to try and decorate.have never done it before :o)

sikofstuf, Oct 31, 8:03am
I bought a whole stack of them a few years ago when I started out- they were cool- but you can just as much info off the net and the wilton site, handy to have around, but I sold all mine- or I'd send them to you! I'd tend not to buy until you can look at the cake decorating books inside- as some are great- and some are terrible!

angelica_bunny, Nov 1, 12:30am
Ahhh ok.cool, thank you very much!I see the book on tm all the time so might leave it for awhile and just continue to google!:o)

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