Any tips for a decent hard boiled egg!

tammy_mn5, Oct 25, 5:54pm
I want to have slices of hard boiled egg in a salad for a shared dinner at work tonight, but as I'm a soft egg person I'm not sure how long to cook them. I've tried before, cooking for longer than I usually do them, but the yoke was still soft when I used my wire egg slicer.
Any tips or tricks! Should the eggs cool completely before you shell them! Or ! TIA.

maximus44, Oct 25, 6:40pm
Put them into boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. I shell them while they are still hot - I think it's easier than when they are cold. Slice them when they have cooled down. Good luck.

pickles7, Oct 25, 7:07pm
stir them a few times while they cook, centers the yolk.

s.rolly, Oct 25, 8:06pm
Put either heaps of salt in the boiling water or a cap full of vinegar, it stops them cracking and leaking.

sue1955, Oct 25, 8:26pm
This is how I do it also. Haven't had a problem yet.

valentino, Oct 25, 8:48pm
Use cold water only into saucepan then eggs, bring to the boil, simmer for about 5 minutes at least then turn off element leaving the pan with eggs on element and allow to cool prior then one empties the cooled boiled water and run cold water into pan to completely cool all prior to de-shelling (one normally rolls the egg in hand to loosen the shell of egg before de-shelling)and slicing using an egg-slicer.

Sometimes one just starts at the simmer temp and leave it for a while, especially if one is doing other things then turn off etc.

bedazzledjewels, Oct 25, 9:08pm
Perfect results from my Eggo machine.

lisapisa2, Oct 25, 11:28pm
I do this for hard boiled eggs. Use cold water, boil gently for 1 min then take off heat and let sit for 10 mins in the hot water. Perfect every time. Saw that onNigella once.

tammy_mn5, Oct 25, 11:29pm
I'll give it a try.

lilyfield, Oct 25, 11:39pm
take a cooking course

maximus44, Oct 26, 5:43am
Forgot to say I also add salt to stop them cracking.

245sam, Oct 26, 5:50am
Ditto to the above.
A good number of years ago Lois Daish detailed (in the N.Z. Listener) this/her method of hard-cooked eggs and yes, "Perfect every time" - never any grey/black ring around the egg yolk when cooked by this method.I add a sprinkle of salt at the beginning of cooking and then cool the cooked eggs in cold running water until they are cool enough to comfortably handle for peeling the shells off.

marcs, Oct 26, 1:42pm
I put it in cold water from the tap if the egg is from the fridge. Bring to a boil and once it has come to the boil, time it for 8 minutes. Once 8 minutes is up drain and fill up with cold tap water. Do this a couple of times to stop the black ring forming around the eggs yolk. Peel once cool enough to handle

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