Instead Of A Cake Mixer . What Would You Use

ricford1, Sep 6, 6:31pm
I no longer have a cake mixer and am wondering what I should replace it with so would appreciate any suggestions please.I haven't baked very much over the last few years as I just haven't had the time with work and there is only the two of us but may get the urge one day!Thanks in advance.

cookessentials, Sep 6, 6:41pm
When you say cake mixer.I take it that you mean a bench type model! If that is the case, then either an electric hand beater or a food processor, depending on how much cooking you do and what you want to do with it. The electric hand mixer is perfect for creaming butter and sugar, whipping egg whites, mixing batters etc.pretty much all baking jobs.

pickles7, Sep 6, 8:29pm
There are some great, melt and mix cake batter recipes, available. I have a Kenwood bench mixer, it dose not get a lot of use as a mixer these days. I do use the, grater, slicer, mincer,and blender, that fits on it, more. I have a hand beater for cream.
I also have a food processor, that just gets left in the cupboard, I prefer the Kenwood grater/ slicer over that.
If you are not missing a mixer, right now. wait. When you are ready, you may know, what it is you require

sarahb5, Sep 6, 9:00pm
Against advice given on here I bought the Sunbeam cake mixer that can be used as a hand mixer or a stand alone mixer (so you can walk away).I have found it perfect for the amount of baking I do and I love the versatility of having the hand mixer if I'm just whipping up cream, etc.I also have a food processor which is rarely used and sold my blender because I never used it.

pickles7, Sep 6, 9:34pm
I just love the vegetables grated for soups, using the Kenwood attachment. I have used almost, all others over the years. The blender makes very nice peanut butter, salsa, etc Kenwood comes out on top, for my requirements. I use my stick blender heaps, that too has a whisk, I think I have used the whisk twice in four years.
Sunbeam cake mixer, is a versatile mixer.sarahb5. in that you do have a bench , plus hand mixer.
It really comes down to personal, requirements.

lx4000, Sep 6, 9:40pm
hand electric mixer

player_smurf, Sep 6, 9:46pm
I haven't had a cake mixer for years and don't even miss it! Have a hand electric mixer for cream etc. and also a Bamix.I just cream butter and sugar by hand.

spot20, Sep 6, 9:55pm
Have just started using my food processor for everything since becoming less than mobile.loving it for making all sorts from cakes to coleslaw to crumbles to hummus! Its much lighter to get out of the cupboard and onto the bench! And I do miss my hand held electric beater that blew up for cream etc!

sarahb5, Sep 6, 10:03pm
The only issue I have with my food processor is that you can't make meringue in it because the bowl is plastic and I find for cakes the blades don't go right to the bottom of the bowl sometimes.Also, there's a lot more to clean on the food processor when I make a cake than there is when I use my hand mixer/Sunbeam mixer

spot20, Sep 6, 10:05pm
Yes true cakes are much lighter in the cake mixer, its just that my old kenwood is such a heavy beast! Cleaning wise yep a few xtra bits to clean I agree1

pickles7, Sep 6, 10:15pm
That is probably why my food processor stays in the cupboard, I hated cleaning it, and got a good cut from the blade. My mixer is out on the bench.

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