Cake designs, any more fresh faces to check out my

cupcakes5, Jul 26, 10:49am
cakes here, i have lots of lovely new faces and would love to see more, all welcome, came check out my page and see if you like them

dbab, Jul 26, 9:07pm
Love them!!

robodopolis, Jul 27, 4:24am
Isn't a posting such as #1 little more than advertising? But then I guess that there are others who post and include details of their business/shop. What exactly are the rules?

cupcakes5, Jul 27, 5:26am
sorry im not aware of the rules you are probibly right, im not trying to get sales though at all, just like to see new faces on my page, if i knew how to remove this thread i would, sorry about that robodopolis

julz29, Jul 27, 5:43am
Already a liker on your page :) I love cake decorating I am wanting lesson I have taught myself want I no would love to do more

cupcakes5, Jul 27, 8:19am
hey Julz29, i am 100% self taught also, let me know if you need any tips or anything, im happy to help, i also tutor cake decorating too.

rosie, Jul 27, 10:02pm
Hey cupcakes they are amazing!!Love the colors and just want to eat them all :)Well done and thanks for sharing!

cupcakes5, Aug 2, 6:43am
thanks Rosie much appreciated

weezil, Aug 2, 7:17am
please can you give me a good easy cupcake topping...cream cheese or not just an easy one for triers like me...and thanks..

cupcakes5, Aug 2, 10:17am
sure can, this one is easy peasy, this is quite a large mix as im normally making a lot but you can halve the recipe if you want to

2 3/4 cups Icing sugar
6 tablespoons cocoa powder
6 tablespoons butter (room temp is best)
5 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
In a medium bowl, sift together the icing sugar and cocoa, and leave to one side, In another bowl, cream butter and vanilla until smooth, then gradually beat in the sugar mixture alternately with the milk.Beat until light and fluffy. if the mixture seems to runny then add a little more icing sugar.

the recipe can be changed around too, if you don't want chocolate then just remove the cocoa powder and replace with more icing sugar. this is a very basic recipe to get you started, if you master this then i can help you with some yummy frostings, my latest is a baked caramel frosting mmmm

weezil, Aug 3, 6:31am
thank you....will try it this week on some cupcakes..

cupcakes5, Aug 3, 8:03am
awesome, let me know how you get on and if you need any advise just ask away, i currently have vanilla cupcakes waiting to be iced and a dora cake and last but not least a tinkerbelle cake, my kitchen smells like heaven

craftylady1, Aug 3, 8:09am
I LOVED looking at your cakes...they are very special...thankyou for posting

weezil, Aug 4, 1:21am
just made the icing and its lovely and smooth and tastes delightful, thank you for it and any more you care to share.

sinet, Aug 4, 4:13am
Now i'm really hungry. tea 4 2 as well please. ^5

cupcakes5, Aug 4, 8:16am
thanks for the comment craftylady1 and sorry for aking you hungry sinet lol.
weezil, i hav a gazillion frosting/icing recipes, my favourite to make is a ganache which is simply 50/50 cream and chocolate melted in a double boiler, it couldnt get more simple than that, you can dip a cupcake into it or pour it on a cake, if you leave it for a few hours then beat it in a cake mixer it becomes like an icing texture and is perfect for cake decorating, give it a go, its my daughters 4th birthday tomorrow, wait till you see the cake shes getting

weezil, Aug 4, 9:29am
I look forward to trying that.hope to see the pics of your cake.

cupcakes5, Aug 4, 9:41am
for sure, so far so good, this is the first time im trying something like this so it better work lol, i will put pics up tomorrow night all going well

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