Baking with duck eggs????

crystalsprings, Jul 18, 11:32pm
My hens aren't laying atm but my ducks have just started to. I have never used duck eggs before so was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please?? Can I just use them in place of hens eggs in recipes like chocolate cake?? Also does it matter that they are fertile eggs?? (I am collecting them the day they are laid)
T.I.A :)

mike844, Jul 18, 11:35pm
they can be used as for duck eggs but add a little more flour with your baking to counteract the size of your eggs by the way they are also great for sponges and the whites are good for pav's too

lx4000, Jul 19, 12:08am
they taste more eggy if i remember rightly but yip, you can bake with them.

bengals, Jul 19, 1:32am
duck egg sponges are glorious

crystalsprings, Jul 19, 1:59am
Never made a sponge in my life bengals but guess I will have to give it a go now. Thanks guys :)

lythande1, Jul 19, 2:38am
Duck eggs taste the same but are bigger and the whites are, um, stronger? Takes a lot more beating........but just fine. Great.

pods, Jul 19, 3:52am
The only time i made sponges that were perfect was when I used duck eggs, they came out nice and fluffy and yellow.

destiny6nz, Jul 19, 3:57am
i stopped eating ducks eggs that make me fart to much

rainrain1, Jul 19, 5:28am
Great fried up and eaten just like you do with a hens eggs so says the farmer, I have never been so brave myself

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