blueberry & cream cheese muffin recipe please :)

broni, Mar 10, 11:44pm
can anyone help me with an easy blueberry & cream
cheese muffin receipe. . want the 1 where the cream
cheese is a clump in the middle (if u no what i mean! )
thanks :-)

245sam, Mar 11, 12:03am
broni, have a look at:- asp
x? id=176519

You'll find a couple of recipes there - neither of them actually include cream cheese but you could easily adapt them to include cream cheese by preparing them as per the recipe you choose then half-fill each of the greased muffin tins and place 1 tsp cream cheese in the centre of each, then top with the remaining mixture to cover the cream cheese. :-))

broni, Mar 11, 12:49am
thanks heaps :))

misilon, Mar 11, 2:50am
thank you ta

guest, Jun 10, 1:07pm
go to and search blueberry cream cheese muffins. good easy recipe there