Substituting fresh for dried fruit

starfire1, Mar 9, 11:49pm
Hi all, have a Digby Law recipe for fig & lemon chutney which calls for 250g dried figs. I am inundated with fresh figs at the moment and was wondering if I could substitute fresh figs for the dried? If I could, what would be the ratio? I'm thinking maybe 1kg? ? Any thoughts appreciated

245sam, Mar 9, 11:55pm
starfire1, sorry I can't help you with substitution quantities but I am wondering about the preparation of the fresh figs... . . Do you have Digby Law's Pickle & Chutney Cookbook? If so have a look on page 29 where, in my copy of that book, there is a recipe for Fresh Fig Chutney and you'll hopefully see what I mean re the difference inpreparation of the figs when using fresh ones - lucky you being inundated with fresh figs! ! !

Hope that helps. :-))

starfire1, Oct 16, 4:59pm
Making that one as we speak lol. Just loved the sound of the chutney with the lemon

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