Tomato Soup recipe

copper1, Mar 9, 7:03am
I got a wonderful tomato soup recipe off this thread last year and now my tomatoes are crying out to be souped I can't find it! Has anyone got a sure-fire tom. soup recipe they would be happy to share?

245sam, Mar 9, 7:05am
copper1, have a look at:- asp
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willman, Oct 22, 8:10am
4 med/large tomatoes- skinned ( is best ), 1 med onion, fresh or dried basil, 2 1/2 cups water, 2-3 tspn chicken stock powder. Salt and pepper and 1 dspn sugar.

Slightly cook the onion in pot with small amount of butter. Add rest of ingredients and cook for 20 min. Use a Hand Blender to break up, reheat. I freeze mine, for the winter.

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