Does anyone have a convection microwave? Would you

carter19, Mar 9, 5:53am
recommend one? Do they really work for eg with pizza, nuggets etc And what about baking?

luckyduck, Mar 9, 8:50am
I have a whirlpool one, I started out using all the bells and whistles but don't anymore. Probably go back to a regular microwave when I next upgrade.

carbon_trader, Mar 9, 8:52am
Yep Love it... . Best cakes and perfect for reheating pizza, pastries, chips etc without making them go soggy... . really good if you need extra cooking provisions when entertaining... they do the best sausage rolls really FAST ! !, Mar 9, 8:55am
I have to agree with Carbon there - I've had my Whirlpool for about 5 years - its brilliant - I use it more than my oven - by far the best investment I have ever made.

cleverrock, Mar 9, 9:17am
Brilliant for chips, nuggets, pies etc I have a whirlpool one its great!

ang20, Mar 10, 8:35am
Love it... . One of the best thing I use in my kitchen... . pies, sausage rolls etc are so quick and crispy, Chicken nuggets and patties are great and they make awesome oven chips. Frozen uncooked mousetraps only take 2 mins to cook and bottom is crispy! ! have fun with it! !

bex32, Mar 10, 8:51am
Yep, whirlpool one here and sooo handy for quickly heating things without the soggyness! And also great for toasting nuts or seeds, and I also use it for crumpets

herself, Mar 10, 8:34pm
Love my whirlpool ... use it for everything, roast veg, home made wedges, and DH's favourite -honey/soy drumsticks., Mar 10, 9:09pm
I love ours. . only problem with it is. . when its in use for a long time (doing a roast or something) and I want a coffee! lol

snapit, Mar 10, 9:24pm
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dollmakernz, Mar 11, 6:54am
Had a whirlpool for years, its brilliant!

arkle16, Mar 11, 7:18am
Yes, totally agree Whirlpool is the best. Would never go back to an ordinary microwave. Great for crumbed fish, fries, pies. :)

lindz99, Mar 11, 7:56am
Yes we love ours, had one before and recently replaced it when putting in a new kitchen. Great for heating up a small oven eg to bake a cake.

carter19, Apr 10, 11:53pm
Thank you to everyone who replied. I bought a Sharp and it's great. I have cooked several things and currently have a cake in it.

herself, Apr 11, 12:43am
Thank you snapit ... we do need to keep reminding folk that these great threads do originate here on Trademe and are just taken by stack of whatsit! ! ! !

squeakygirl, Jan 18, 6:01pm
I had a Sharp and loved it. Unfortunately the people who bought our house wanted it as we had built it in. Got a Panasonic later on but didn't like that much - too complicated.

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