Recipes to use spaghetti and sweet corn cans

tarshlove, Feb 27, 7:29pm
up I have the majority of a can of sweet corn and spaghetti left from toasted sandwiches left over from last night. I was thinking sweet corn fritters and a cheesy loaf. This one here
Is there anyway to make the loaf with using something other than the yeast?
Or does anyone have some ideas to use it up other than toasties again? TYIA

petal1955, Feb 27, 7:36pm
Why not make spagetti and sweet corn bread cases........these can then be frozen if you like.

tarshlove, Feb 27, 8:01pm
Sounds interesting how is this done. I am trying to do the $21 challenge this week so want to use what I have at home and NOT go to the supermarket lol

cgvl, Feb 27, 8:09pm
you can make either a soda bread or Irish soda bread. The other is too make a scone dough or even do a savoury scone/muffin.
Another way to use up the sweetcorn is if you have any cauli or broccoli.
Cook cauli/broccoli (until its how you like to eat it)
Finely chop 1 onion and saute, make a white sauce using some of the liquid from cooking the veg in (about ½ and ½).
Add sweetcorn, some grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste, then fold in cooked cauli/broccoli, some parsley if you have. pour all into a casserole dish.
Cover with a crumble mix made with breadcrumbs, cheese and butter/marg
Bake until topping golden and cheese melted ( dont have to do topping)

cgvl, Feb 27, 8:10pm
you can make that using a scone dough as well.

nik12, Feb 27, 8:25pm
creamed corn through Mac and Cheese with a bit of tinned salmon is yum!Make the cheese sauce with the liquid from the salmon as well as milk.

petal1955, Feb 27, 8:29pm
Using muffin tins....spray with non stick sprayl and place a piece of sandwich bread (you can remove the crusts) but I dont... into muffin tins.and then add your filing..with the creamed corn would add a little chopped bacon and finely chopped onion and some grated cheese and chopped parsley.Bake in a hot oven 210 degrees C for 10 mins

The spagetti ones would also put some chopped onion and bacon and a little cheese if you wish.......bake in the same manner as above

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