Mini oven

gussiej, Mar 7, 5:46am
Those little ones that sit on the kitchen bench etc. Do you think they would be a lot cheaper to run then a full sized kitchen oven? It seems such a waste to turn on a full sized oven when only cooking for one person, i. e. for a plate of nachos or 4 roast veges etc. Any advice on this would be much appreciated, thanks.

raewyn64, Mar 7, 5:58am
I have one that I use mainly for grilling pork and lamb chops for the same reason as you state - not having to heat up the large oven.
I also find I can roast potatoes better in the litttle one than the big oven.
I might only use it once or twice a week but I am pleased I have it.

winnie231, Mar 7, 6:09am
Mum bought herself one last year for just that reason & uses it alot.
Definately worth buying in her opinion.

gussiej, Mar 7, 6:18am
Thank you raewyn and winnie. I have been leaning towards buying one and was just interested in what those who have one have to say about them.

raewyn64, Mar 7, 6:24am
The only thing I would say against it is it is tricky to clean - just trying to get in to the small area.
Also the tray that came with it was not good quality but we got a small roasting dish with a rack in the bottom of it that fits inside the oven and it is great when I am grilling as it catches the fats without the meat sitting in it and also deep enough for the roasty vege.

gussiej, Mar 7, 6:34am
Are little roasting dishes easy enough to come by? I've never really looked for them before.

raewyn64, Mar 7, 7:15am
I got mine from Briscoes - they had a few sizes. mybe they aren't really roasting dishes but they are similarr to one - just if you are using it for a mini oven you make sue which size will fit the machine :)

winnie231, Mar 7, 7:22am
I would look around at a few different brands to compare which will best suit your needs function-wise & how easy to clean they are ...

eastie3, Mar 7, 7:23am
I've got a Breville Turbo Convection, it's great and very economical. I bought a roasting tin from the Warehouse, it's black enamel I think, and is perfect for roasts and not bad for grilling.

herbiem, Mar 7, 7:30am
I had used one for many years. I never use the big oven as theres only 2 of us. I cook everything in mine. Am roasting a size 20 chook tomorrow.

nzhel, Mar 8, 12:08am
We use our continually - wouldn't be without it. Good for small amounts - jacket potatoes, pies, pizza, heating quiches - anything really and doesn't waste the power as a large oven would for just heating say - one pie. They are a good buy.

cottagerose, Mar 8, 7:59am
I bought a new mini breville benchtop oven on trademe for $30. 00.

mselaineous, Mar 8, 8:32am
My oven is a RUSSEL hOBBS WITH A FAN Works well and great value. About 5 years old and I use it every day. Pitta breads for lunch and chips at night some times! !

korbo, Oct 12, 5:57am
great little machines, we use ours a lot now, that there are only 2 of us... . you will not regret getting one.

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