A cheeky ask!! Annabel Langbein Lamb Sausage Rolls

wennylover, Feb 6, 6:18am
Would anyone post the recipe for me? Its out of the Free Range Cookbook one.... THANKS!!!

seniorbones, Feb 6, 8:14am
Its a long recipe, hope I get it done before 9.30 so I can bid on something on my watchlist! will type fast so excuse the spelling if there are mistakes
400gms lean lamb mince, 250gms course sausage meat such as pork or beef, 1 apple unpeeled coursely grated, 2 eggs (1 seperated), 1 small onion peeled and coarsely grated, 1 clove garlic crushed. 2 tabs chopped parley 1/2 tsp chopped rosemary, 3! finely chopped sage leaves, 1 tsp fruit chutney or tomato sauce, 1tsp salt, ground black pepper, pinch chilli flakes, 2 sheets of flaky pastry.

preheat oven to 200oC and line an oven tray with baking paper.
Place everything in a large bowl EXCEPT for the seperated egg yolk, mix with a large wooden spoon until evenly incorporated.

Place the two pastry sheets on a work surface place half the meat mixture on each sheet forming a mound the length of the pastry about 6cm in from one edge.

Roll up the pastry to fully enclose the filling, cut each roll into 3 slices or up to 6 if you want smaller rolls place on the baking tray seam side down, Use a sharp knife to slash 2 or 3 lines across the top of each s-roll to allow the steam to escape, make a glaze by mixing the egg yolk with 1 tabsp of water and brush over pastry.

Bake for 30-35 mins or until goldne brown. Check in the last 10 mins of cooking and if any liquids have come out of the rolls soak them up with a paper towel so the pastry stays crisp. ..WHEW

charlieb2, Feb 6, 9:05am
That was nice of you seniorbones!

guest, Feb 23, 12:46am
Thanks for putting recipe up. Have the book at home but wanted to get ingredients from Supermarket on way home from work so it was a big help to be able to access them. Regards Rosalie

guest, Mar 20, 7:47pm
Hi Jim. Risotto is one of those dishes that eoyervne has a different take on some like it sloppy and others like it thick. The usual ratio of liquid to rice is about three parts liquid to one part rice, but as you have noticed these two recipes veer to either side of this (although the Rocket recipe does say to add more stock if needed to create the desired consistency). The mixture should be very liquid when you first add the stock, but as it cooks for 15 minutes it will thicken as the stock is absorbed into the rice. Adding extra rice after the 15 minutes of cooking might be a bit dangerous as the rice you put in at the beginning will be mushy by the time the additional rice is cooked through you're better to just remove the lid and continue cooking and stirring the risotto until it reaches the consistency you prefer. I hope this helps! Jane from Annabel's office

guest, Mar 22, 10:20am
Having tried a few biscotti reecpis lately, I'm interested in new ones and have just tried yours. I used crushed aniseed (which makes a biscotti a biscotti in my book) and the last of my dried figs instead of ginger, and all wholemeal flour. Delicious and satisfyingly crunchy. Thanks for the tip on using a lower oven temp for the second bake. I hadn't seen that in any other recipe.

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