Softer filling in sausage rolls?

pauline999, Dec 1, 3:51am
I have just skinned 500g chicken sausages, added sage and finely chopped fried onion - is it breadcrumbs I add to make the filling softer for the sausage rolls or something else ? And do I add an egg to hold the shape together in the pastry?

petal1955, Dec 1, 4:16am
I add cooked mashed potato

nauru, Dec 1, 6:52am
I usually add breadcrumbs, grated onion and grated veges (carrot, zucchini or potato) to my sausage meat. It also makes the filling go further. I don't add any egg, just my preference.

mousiemousie, Dec 1, 7:38am
Potato flakes will soften the mix. You can also use soaked bread instead of breadcrumbs for a really soft mix.

autumnwinds, Dec 1, 1:03pm
I use breadcrumbs, grated vege (usually a little onion, carrot and maybe celery), and the grated zest of 1/2 a lemon and a few herbs. I soak the breadcrumbs in a little milk for about 1/2 an hour. Makes a nice soft filling.

korbo, Dec 2, 1:53am
Never made them, what pastry do you use. they seem so simple. may give a try tomorrow.

nauru, Dec 2, 7:31am
I usually just make a shortcrust pastry but I've used ready rolled flaky pastry on occasion if time is short.

snapperheadrkp, Nov 28, 7:46am
Grated Apple or Carrot goes in my Sausage meat for Rolls

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