Couscous in home made sausage rolls

marcs, Jun 5, 3:41am
Has anyone ever used coucous or quinoa in home made sausage rolls. I was doing some research into making some pork sausage rolls and came across Chealsea Winters recipe that had coucous. She made hers with pork mince however I have pork sausage mince. I an not a fan of breadcrumbs in sausage rolls and in the last batch I made I used mashed potatoes (saw a few suggestions on here) but the texture was all wrong and the mouth feel was disgusting. Thinking coucous will help absorb the moisture but not give that disgusting pasty feeling.

samanya, Jun 5, 6:03am
Like you, I prefer not to use breadcrumbs, I've not used couscous but I have made Helen Jackson's recipes with rice & I liked them.

davidt4, Jun 5, 7:27am
I like the texture of rolled oats in a meatball or meatloaf. I use about 2 tab per 500g of meat.

nauru, Jun 5, 8:10am
I use rolled oats or oatbran in my sausage roll filling. I have also tried rice which gives a nice texture too.

marcs, Sep 7, 10:07am
Rice would also be nice. I have added coucous this time rounds. I will let you know how they have turned out once I get around to cooking them.

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