Homemade sausage rolls

cherie19, Oct 3, 8:44pm
Could i please have some tasty ideas for the filling. Thanks

pickles7, Oct 3, 9:14pm
sausage meat ? ? sausage meat , a few slices of stale bread soaked in water and squeezed out, a dash of dry herbs, salt pepper, grated cheese if you wish. Very fine onion, or cook the chopped onion in the mic first. By now you should smell something nice . It should still be able to be rolled into the right shape. Entire sausage meat is not the right way, because of the fat content, and the sausage meat shrinkage. Experement. Have a pen and paper near by. enjoy

jessie981, Oct 3, 9:24pm
I use sausage meat, beaten egg, seasoning, finely chopped onion, herbs (opt) & 1tsp mustard. (Mustard added to mince savouries etc stops the food repeating if prople have a weak stomach)

petal1955, Oct 3, 9:53pm
I add mashed potatoes to the sausage meat makes them a softer texture along with some finely diced onion.

rog.e, Oct 3, 9:53pm
I sometimes add finely grated carrot into the sausage mix for rolls. Makes me feel healthier since I very much like to eat pastry foods.

winnie231, Oct 3, 10:13pm
I mix the sausage meat with plenty of chopped onion, garlic, herbs, grated carrot, grated&squeezed zuchinni, lots of seasoning including mustard, an egg & some kind of starch - sometimes breadcrumbs, sometimes cooked rice ... great recipe huh but you get the idea.

motorbo, Oct 4, 12:08am
at a ladies lunch years ago my girlfriend made them meatless, they were so yum they flew off the plate

rog.e, Oct 4, 12:14am
Somewhere I have got a recipe for vegetarian meatless "Cottage Rolls". I will look it out if anyone is interested, Made with Cottage Cheese plus. I used to make them in shortcrust pastrywhen i was a 100% non-meat eater. V

cookessentials, Apr 25, 7:51pm
I always add grated apple to mine and the fresh white breadcrumbs stop the meat filling oozing out of the pastry.

ry5, Apr 26, 4:23am
I like to add a bit of fruit chutney to the mix, along with some garlic salt and breadcrumbs (I freeze loaf ends and just grate them into whatever I'm making at the time)

jenner4, Mar 5, 10:48am
There so many ways to make them , each time I make them I try some thing a bit different, chutney always gives them a quality of richness and apples always keeps the meat that little bit more tender , grated veges cut down the fat and make the meat go that little bit longer , we add very fine sliced silverbeet as well , good to have some in the freezer for when the weather is bad and the kids come in from sport with the rest of the team and serve with soup

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