How long can keep milk in the freezer for???

babytears, Mar 6, 6:33am
Bumpity bump!

waswoods, Mar 6, 8:15am
We use ours up within a week or two so possible even longer than that

elliehen, Mar 6, 11:05am
I knew a cook on a fishing boat who took frozen two-litre bottles of milk to sea for 6 weeks. Just remember to empty some from the top to allow for expansion.

chooky, Mar 12, 5:26am
We live in the country, so when we are near town, I always stock up on cheap milk, 10 x 2 litres at a time. I always stand them up in the freezer, but have never emptied any out of bottle for expansion. We go through 2 litres a day, so it doesnt last long.

dezzie, Oct 24, 7:45am
my mum used to freeze milk at the end of the milking season to last thru the winter, it was always ok, needed a good shake up, but it was straight out of the vat, not skimmed or homogenized, so the cream lumped a little, tasted fine tho.

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