Meat in freezer.

korbo, Oct 12, 7:23am
What is the longest you have had meat in the freezer and eaten it.?
Some say no longer than 6mths. thanks

rainrain1, Oct 12, 8:04am
3 years round about. all good!

petal1955, Oct 12, 11:03am
Yep me too 4 years casseroled it in slow cooker. bootiful. -
. and tender as

lythande1, Oct 12, 7:21pm
Maybe 3 months, I'm not rich enough to have excess meat

pickles7, Oct 12, 7:53pm
No longer than 6 months, I sort through our freezer often looking for those packets I have been avoiding, some don't make it to out table at all.

gardner12, Oct 13, 3:37am
Am using the last box of blade steak from last beast and that is 4years old still fine

kiwisapper, Oct 13, 3:59am
If the meat is stored at minus 18 centigrade, it will last indefinitely.
The flavour may deteriorate over time but not the meat.

rainrain1, Oct 13, 4:24am
You ate all the good steak first didn't ya?

autumnwinds, Oct 13, 4:35am
Didn't you, too?
I know I did.

And a year is as long as it stays there, around here.

korbo, Oct 13, 7:40am
thanks for the comments. Found a leg of lamb that is 2 1/2 yrs old, and a little freezer burnt, in the oven tomorrow.

rainrain1, Oct 13, 8:04am
It's so long since we've had a cattle beast killed for the freezer, I've forgotten how good it is. killing hogget at the moment for the freezer though.

korbo, Oct 15, 12:05am
rainrain. can't remember the last time we had hogget, or even saw some for sale. why dont butchers have them.
the lamb was fine.

tjman, Oct 15, 1:37am
I look it up on my freezer door and it gives guidelines

rainrain1, Dec 15, 9:58am
Hoggets are kept to replace the old breeding ewes. Ask for a nice leg of young mutton, fed properly it should taste as good as hogget meat. A hard question to answer because I don't know what the butchers do.

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