Oil for Basil Pesto

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books4nz, Feb 2, 9:31am
A few days in the fridge, and it freezes well in small containers, to take out when needed - make plenty when the herbs are in season and freeze for throughout the year.

richard198, Feb 2, 8:27pm
We all get what we are given. If I start a thread or you ask a question, what you get back are the delights of an open forum. (Does that sound desperate!)

elliehen, Feb 2, 8:31pm
Not until you tell me your way is the only way and all the others are seriously misguided ;)

uli, Feb 3, 3:09am
Like go and look at an original Italian pesto recipe if that is what you want to make - or concoct anything you like and call it whatever you like.

elliehen, Feb 3, 4:17am
uli wrote: "And so why do we not give those "unskilled people" the original recipe they asked for! Which oil for basil pesto was the question."

Nooooooo.it was not.Here is the original question:

Just to set the record straight :)

ange164, Dec 27, 9:17pm
bumping for the new basil season.

carlosjackal, Dec 28, 9:37am
I use LUPI Extra Light Olive Oil - and my Basil Pesto is nicer than any I have ever bought.