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peter148, Jan 24, 8:19am
Oh surely it wouldn't be real ginger beer without a sultana in it!

greerg, Jan 24, 8:47am
Does this taste similar to the ginger beer made with a bug!

harrislucinda, Jan 24, 6:27pm
canstartdrinking24 hrslater

mrssmudge, Jan 26, 5:47am
Have you had a 24hr one explode on you at all harrislucinda! Its the exploding part that is making me nervous! Yet I love ginger beer so much!.Has anyone tried using splenda sugar or using sucaryl as to try to make a diet version!

olwen, Jan 26, 5:52am
You need the sugar to feed the yeast and make it fizzy.Reducing the sugar as above would reduce the chance of it exploding.I bought yeast yesterday with this recipe in mind.Must make it now!

trah, Jan 26, 6:08am
Can anyone clarify the "1.2tsp cream of tartar"!Is that half a teaspoon!

olwen, Jan 26, 7:21am
I did that, with a bit extra lemon juice and 1/2 cup sugar.I'll see how it goes tomorrow

lindylambchops1, Jan 26, 7:46am
apologies.half a teaspoon cream of tartar.I make it one day then refrigerate in the morning & drink that night!Never had any explode.It is not left long enough.The taste is excellent.Cheers!

olwen, Jan 26, 8:36am
I realised I used tartaric scid, not cream of tartar, but I'm sure it will be okay

cheese-mike, Jan 26, 11:59pm
If I don't have any cream of tarter can I still make it!

makespacenow, Jan 27, 5:38am
Plastic bottles.few years ago we kept hearing loud bangs in tge garage all night.in the morning the entire garage smelled like ginger beer all glass bottles exploded.so we switched to the plastic 1.5l ones.but ours is the alcoholic ginger beer.not non alco

cookiebarrel, Jan 27, 9:36am
Mine is meant to stand for 3 weeks, but is ready to start using in one week.Think it might have something to do with the hot weather.Haven't had any blow-up yet!

guest, Apr 6, 5:21am
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guest, Jan 11, 9:35am
Thanks for that! It's just the answer I neeedd.

guest, Jan 13, 1:53pm
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