Looking recipe for coconut loaf

relic, Jan 22, 11:44pm
Reminiscing as we old folk do, I was telling my wife about a Coconut loaf that we used to have some decades back. Trouble is I can not find a recipe in any of our cook books. This was made in a loaf tin and it had a vast amount of coconut in the mixture. Does anyone know the recipe or a name for the cake/loaf? Many thanks in advance.Ray.

relic, Jan 22, 11:50pm
Thanks Rae. just what I was looking. RegardsRay

winnie231, Jan 22, 11:51pm
You're welcome :)

lx4000, Feb 22, 5:51am

needs to make more and freeze down! Freezer looking emptyso needs to bake more and stock up!


I add heaps of lemon juice and rind to mine!!mmMmm