ZB newstalk recipe for Silverbeet Relish or Pickle

wimwom, Mar 5, 5:36am
that was given out last weekend or Monday as I didn't get the whole thing written down if anyone has it please.

darkmuff, Mar 15, 6:40am
I would love this reciepe as well

janeny1, Mar 15, 8:38am
Sorry, I didn't hear it but it might be up on their website. Some recipes take a few days to be put up on the site.

jazzryn, Mar 15, 9:56am
Silver Beet Pickle

4 cups silver beet whites, 7 med onions, s celery stalks, 1 tblsp celery seeds, 1 tblsp mustard seeds, 1 quart malt vinegar92 pints) 4 cups sugar.

cut solids up in food processorand sprinkle with common salt for 2 hours then drain well. Cover with vinegar, sugar, mustard & celery seeds. Cook till tender.
Make sauce with 1/2 cup cornflour, 1tsp tumeric, 1tsp curry powder & 2 tspmustard powder - mix with 1/2 cup cold water and thicken pickle and cook a further 5 mins.

Dont know if this is same recipe but I have made for years and is lovely.

jazzryn, Mar 15, 9:58am
that is 5 celery stalks, 2 pints vinegar, must be getting late

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