Fresh chilli or dried chilli added to tomato

korbo, Mar 4, 8:48pm
relish... want to make a spicy relish or tomato sauce, do i add whole fresh or a few dried chillies, or whatelse to make it spicy.

jag5, Mar 4, 9:02pm
That depends on several things. How hot are the chillies. They come in varying degrees of hotness. It would be a case of less is best, then taste and add more if you think needed. Also, a lot of recipes have spices in them that already create spiciness, so would need to be careful.

korbo, Mar 4, 11:16pm
mmm. the chilles are red, and i bought them at a roadside stall. have no idea how hot they could be. they are about 10cm long.

lizab, Mar 5, 12:47am
my recipes call for crumbled dried chillies - sorry, no help regarding the fresh ones

ttwisty, Mar 5, 1:50am
i make a mexican tomato sauce and i use chillis in a jar not sure on dry or really fresh ones depends on taste

korbo, Mar 5, 5:50pm
couldnt buy any dried chillies anywhere here, so saw a jar of Pam's chilli and am going to put a tblspn in the sauce. hope it works. will let you know, all it says on jar is chillies, water and spices... worth a try anyway.

korbo, Mar 6, 12:15am
cooking the sauce now, will tap in here later

korbo, Oct 6, 1:56am
the sauce is really yummy. just used my fav tomato sauce recipe, added some garlic, 1 small red chilli, and then 3 teaspn of pams crushed chilli and bought back to boil. it is so yummy, a little hot, but not a lingering hot... . . if you know what i mean.

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