Soaked in ginger ale choc chip/cream log recipe?

jordy71, Jan 5, 2:51am
This is the one where you soak the biscuits in ginger ale then sandwich together with cream, then cover the whole thing with cream and chill.
Just wanted to know a couple things about making this as I don't have a recipe as such but was told how to make it before Christmas, I made it made it but I think it could have turned out nicer. I would like to have another go and since I'm doing a dinner on Friday I thought I might try again. I would also like to be able make it as a Christmas treat next year.
How long do you soak the biscuits for? I put mine and left them in and well... it turned into a mess really. Any other tips in this delicious easy cheap desert would be appreciated thanks.

trader125, Jan 5, 2:54am
not to keen on that one (too much cream for me) but try chocolate chippie biscuits dip in whatevers going then layer up with chocolate mousse this is way niceer

malcovy, Jan 5, 3:55am
The times I have made gingernut roll I have only ever dipped the biscuits, quickly drained the biscuit and then creamed them.I have used gingernuts and a sparkling lemon drink.

moosygirl, Jan 5, 4:00am
I use chocolate chippie biscuits and dip them in pineapple juice. I only dip them for about 3-4 seconds and then sandwich together with whipped cream. Then cover the whole log in cream and sprinkle over a crumbled flake bar...........very tasty

245sam, Jan 5, 4:06am
jordy71, I'm not meaning to be rude, but that is exactly where you made the mistake - the biscuits (gingernuts or choc chippies) should NOT be soaked but simply dipped in the liquid of choice - I have never made the dessert myself but have enjoyed it many many times in its perfection - made by my DH who does not use a recipe but just uses the quantity we consider appropriate for when the dessert is required of gingernuts, ginger wine or sherry and cream. Here is a personally untried recipe that may help you, for the same type of dessert .....

1 packet chocolate chip biscuits
½ cup muscatel or sherry - basically any cold liquid of choice can be used including fruit juice, fizzy drink, or of course, an alcoholic drink
1¼ cups cream, whipped

Dip (don't soak because the biscuits will become too soft and soggy) the biscuits, one at a time, in the wine, then spread each biscuit with the whipped cream.
On a serving plate line up the creamed biscuits to form a log. Cover the log completely with whipped cream. Decorate as desired with e.g. chocolate chips, crumbled Flake bar, a dusting of cocoa or drinking chocolate or..... Refrigerate for at least an hour - IMO it's best the next day although the outer coating of cream may become discoloured - to overcome that problem put the thinnest coating of cream on it when making the dessert then next day, apply another thin coating of fresh whipped cream and decoration of choice.

Hope that helps.:-))

jordy71, Jan 5, 4:30am
all good, thanks so much everyone for your help and advice.
Will now have a successful desert on Friday ;-)

devalois, Jan 5, 4:41am
I agree the sherry or green ginger wine is way nicer, and to make it extra special, I freeze mine: can be made a day or two earlier than needed then removed from freezer and put into the fridge a couple of hours before serving. A doubled recipe can be made into a wreath/circle shape and for Christmas, I top with green and red cherries, as well as the chocolate flakes. Yum!! And VERY QUICK! devalois

jordy71, Jan 5, 5:35am
Wow that sounds so good and to be able to freeze is a added bonus! Thanks so much.

jordy71, Jan 5, 6:20am
Just a quick question when you use the sherry or the ginger wine does it have that same boozy taste as a trifle does?
It's just that I can't stand the sherry taste in trifles, so I might be better to do the non alcohol version?

245sam, Jan 5, 6:30am
IMO, no the gingernut log does not "have that same boozy taste as a trifle does" - remember that the gingernuts are only very briefly dipped in the liquid to begin the softening process of them, rather than soaked in it so they don't absorb a lot of the liquid.
I recommend that you try making the log with ginger wine rather than sherry but in any case, IMO especially if the log is made at least a day ahead, the flavour is a nice blend of ginger, the liquid and the cream which my DH usually flavours with vanilla.:-))

jordy71, Jan 5, 7:11am
Okay, thanks for you recipe and time and fantastic tips, it sounds yummy I cant wait for Friday now!

mountaingirl, Jan 11, 1:03pm
I dip my choco chip biscuits in kahula and its devine.I also find the budget choco chips better than the griffins.