Strawberry choc chip muffins?

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 3:15am
if I was to use this recipe (its obviously fail-safe!) and added strawberry essence and maybe poked half a strawberry in the top before cooking do you think it would work?

alebix, Nov 1, 3:16am
Yum, sounds really nice.Maybe add some of those canned strawberries etc.

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 3:29am
Nah I don't like those strawberries, I've used them before for cocktails, they are too artificial

levintofu, Nov 1, 3:39am

you could also try the frozen blue/rasp/boysenberries
i did raspberry choc chip not long ago and it was really yummy! and they we're straight out the freezer and turned out beautiful

i'm also known to put in peanut butter m&ms (or reeses pieces) along side the choc chips (you can find them on trademe most of the time)
and i pipe a peanut butter - butter creme frosting with those ones

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 3:44am
mmmm yum!

I'm just trying to think of some other "sweet" for my morning tea shout

ATM the menu is pikelets which jam and cream (could be a problem I've never made pikelets before!)

French stick with cream cheese and pesto, creamed cheese and smoked salmon

Carrots and celery with dip

I did plan on doing savoury bread case thingys but my test batches keep going soggy which sucks

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 3:45am

levintofu, Nov 1, 7:48pm
can you come work in my office? lol

don't fret about the pikelets they couldn't be easier.... if you are not very confident just keep the pan/skillet/griddle at a low temp... it will take a little longer but you have much more control
don't flip till you have enough bubbles and it comes away clean around the edge and the crisp brown skin is the best part so don't worry about the tan :)

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 10:12pm
Ooooh now I can;t decide!
I don't even know if its strawberry season anyway. so i'll either go down the pikelet road or the scone road - both premix packets lol

levintofu, Nov 1, 10:35pm
i had lovely strawberries from countdown the other day juicy and sweet.... very much starting to be in season two weeks ago i picked up a dud batch but i'm having strawberries for afternoon tea and they smell awesome!!

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 11:17pm
I'm gonna be lazy and try these for my savoury version lol

eastie3, Nov 1, 11:26pm
Bootsey,do have a go at making pikelets and scones from scratch,the pre mixes are way too sweet - plus the satisfaction you get from baking is worth it.I promise you,it's not difficult.

bo0tsey, Nov 1, 11:38pm
I tried making date scones once about 5 years ago and they turned out like rocks.. they were awful! I haven't tried since, I was at a friends a few wknds ago and tried a premix scone and it was lovely!

Sorry but I'm just too lazy! I have a fully booked wknd coming up and my bday is on Monday, so will do my morning tea shout on Tues or Weds probably. I work 8-5.30 with a 45 min commute either side and have horses to tend to after work as well, plus cooking tea depending on who is home so by the time all of that is done I'm not sure I would have the energy for trying to make scones from scratch!

eastie3, Nov 2, 4:18am
Bootsey you don't owe me any explanation ! I certainly don't think you are lazy and I do understand yoursituation,so I wasn't having a dig at you. As you have had a poor result in the past,here is a recipe that is very easy indeed and you could try it when you have the time.Scones like a light touch so minimum handling and a hot oven are important,and I always place the scones close together on the tray.

Lemonade Scones
4 cups self-raising flour
300 mls cream
1 can of lemonade.
Pre-heat oven to 220ºC.
Sift flour, make a well in flour and add liquids. Mix together. Knead gently and roll out and cut.
Cook for 15 minutes.

bo0tsey, Nov 2, 4:21am
No.. but I am really am lazy!! lol

I like the look of that recipe tho, very few ingredients :D

I bought SR flour today so might give it a whirl in the next few days

bo0tsey, Jul 9, 10:41pm
Hmm not so sure on the success of these.. They could have done with being cooked a bit longer but by the time I took them out and tried one I'd had enough so too late lol