Recipe using choc chip or gingernuts bikkies

sccc, Oct 7, 5:52am
Does anyone have the recipe that uses chocolate chippy or gingernut biscuit drizzled with alcohol - I think it has a creamy topping??! - Remember trying this years ago at a friends house and it was scrummy as a dessert

eastie3, Oct 7, 7:20am
I think the biscuits were dipped in sherry and then sandwiched together with whipped cream.

evorotorua, Oct 7, 5:11pm
You dip each biscuit into the sherry for a couple of seconds and create a log out of the biscuits. They biscuits can't be soaking or they will turn to mush later. Once you have the biscuits organised, you cover the whole lot in cream and grate some chocolate over. Nicest with choc chip biscuits because then you get little bits of crunch through it. Having said all this, it worked well with the biscuits as they were made in the 80s and these days the manufacturers use a different recipe. In the end we just used to put some biscuits in an individual bowl, slosh a bit of sherry or wine in, wait a little and then chuck in a big blob of whipped cream!!!!

margyr, Oct 7, 5:57pm
an old friend of mine used brandy, sandwiched the biscuits together with cream and then put cream all over like a log and crumbled a flake over the top.

gardie, Oct 7, 6:25pm
When you cut it, make sure you do so on the diagonal as you get to see the wonderful layers inside.

donnabeth, Oct 7, 11:02pm
Sherry log, that brings back memories.

I also made it with gingernuts and stirred crushed pineapple through the cream when i sandwiched them, then smotherd the log with whipped cream and sprinkeld with chocolate chips.

Another version was chocolate thins soaked in rum and sandwiched with sliced bananas then whipped cream and topped with chocolate cream and chocolate shavings.

MMMM haven't made them in years so now that's got me thinking I need a reason to make them again.

evorotorua, Oct 8, 3:33am
off to the shops to buy chocolate thins, rum and bananas and cream.. how good does that sound!!!! weight watchers can wait. Thanks donnabeth.

greerg, Oct 8, 8:57pm
One of those things that was really trendy for a while then just vanished - round the era of fondues at every party and Nestles reduced cream dips (although the young seem to have dragged that out again), and cheese balls made with Chesdale cheese.

crystalmoon, Oct 8, 11:28pm
we used Baileys the last time we made it,was lovely,I think you can use any liquor really.mmmmm.... might have to make one soon.

nik12, Oct 9, 12:31am
I like to drink my booze not eat it :-).. works just as well with lemonade, or even orange juice.I like it with ginger nuts.

margyr, May 16, 2:06pm
yep was talking to my neighbour last night and she said she used to make it with gingerale, so then the kids could eat it too.