Coconut Ice

iamkat, Dec 22, 10:31am
I am looking for an Allison Holst recipe for coconut ice - with condensed milk - its a cooked one I think - I cant find the recipe book that I bought for my kids years ago - all I remember was it was really easy and microwaved (I think)

grandma, Dec 22, 7:52pm
Here's her uncooked one iamkat.

2 cups desiccated coconut
2 cups icing sugar
½ a 400 g can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
¼ tsp raspberry essence (optional)
4 – 5 drops of red food colouring
extra coconut for coating

Measure coconut and icing sugar into a bowl. Tip in cond. milk and vanilla. Mix well. Sprinkle some of the extra coconut on a flat sheet of plastic.Press out half the mixture (about 20 cm square) on the coconut.Add the rasp essence and enough food colouring to give a pale pink colour to the mixture left in the bowl, mix in, then shape as previously.
Lay the pink layer on top of the white layer.Sprinkle a little extra coconut on top.Refrigerate for 15 mins or longer, then cut into square with a wet knife. Refrigerate until required and eat after a few hours.

All the best for a Happy Christmas.

iamkat, Dec 23, 12:16am
thank you thank you thank you!!!

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