Irvines Christmas Fruit Mince

kiwibubbles, Dec 6, 8:24am
Anyone know what places are selling it this year? Seems to be a bit difficult to locate

gardie, Dec 6, 4:47pm
I reckon that if you are keen enough to bake your own fruit mince pies at Christmas, then you should have a go at making fruit mince too.It is oh so easy and so much nicer as you can adjust it for the flavours you like.(I don't put the horrid peel stuff in mine).This years batch is cranberry and blueberry flavoured.

trah, Dec 6, 8:16pm
Kiwibubbles,they have changed the packaging.It looks like a Christmas pudding!It is in one of the red plastic "bowls" instead of the pottles it used to come in.I know this because I bought one thinking it was a pudding last year, and had a shock when I took the lid off to prepare the dessert!

kiwibubbles, Oct 4, 5:41am
oh its not for me - its for Mum - she can only find the Ernest Adams one lol