Brought ernest fruit mince

dwyn5, Dec 31, 11:20am
Spread on defrosted pastry sheets and roll up as for pin wheels.Cut whatever thickness you like and bake.

Use in shortcake mix instead of apple.

Add to muffin mix.

seniorbones, Jan 1, 6:19am
It will keep if you don't open it, I used one this year 'best before end 1995'! It was Devine, I think t was the brandy in it which preserved it.

ninascraft, Jan 2, 2:21am
Keep it.It keeps from one year to the next when it is treated to a capful of brandy or rum every 4mths or so, with the last given just before Xmas.I do this every year, buy 2 or 3 jars in the new year, and feed it till the end of the year.Keep in the fridge and mark when you feed on the top of the lid.Yum

ninascraft, Jan 2, 2:29am
Other ideas, could bepinwheel scones.Pastry swirls or yeast bread buns with a spoonful in the centre or rolled as per scones, topped with pink icing. Eccles cakes (sp)Good luck

sarahb5, Jan 2, 7:30am
Why not just use it for fruit mince pies!I usually add a grated apple to mine and a splash of brandy but you can add orange juice and grated rind instead.This year I added the juice, rind and pulp of an orange, some dried and fresh cranberries and a splash of brandy

cookessentials, Jan 2, 7:43am
Dream Bars!

bswtoad1, Dec 31, 5:54am
instead of christmas puddings. does anybody have any recipes that i can use this stuff for!thanks in advance, Jo

lilyfield, Dec 31, 7:45am
buy -bought- bought

bring- brough- brought

fec2003, Dec 31, 9:21am
Soften a 2ltr tub of vanilla ice cream, mix 4 tbsp fruit mince in thoroughly then refreeze. Serve on a baked apple or an apple pie - delicious!

It keeps though - so shove it back in the pantry ready for Mid-Winter Christmas!

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