Anyone got recipes for jelly fingers

benandgabby, Dec 2, 11:07pm
its the jelly for kids party that just add more gelatine to make it easy for them to pick up. need it as lost my one.

reef01, Dec 9, 3:56am
BUMPING, I need it too! :)

margyr, Dec 9, 4:15am
if you google, jelly fingers recipe you may find what you are after.

sarahj1, Dec 9, 6:13am
Use two packets of jelly but only use the amount of water you would use to make up one. (does that make sense?? Half the amount of water anyway)
Google 'Jello jigglers' which is what they call them in the US - make the jelly in a roasting tin and then cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

poppy62, Oct 10, 10:01pm
Is this the recipe using the sponge fingers??