greenforde, Dec 23, 10:06pm
If I want to make a thin slice of jelly over a sponge or trifle and I set it in a container the size I want what proportions do I make the jelly to?say 1 cup to packet jelly?

noonesgirl, Dec 23, 10:43pm
Depends how firm you want the jelly. When I make jelly for a sponge I add a little more water so it's not too firm. When nearly set I put on sponge, place the other half on then sit a small plate on top so that jelly sticks as it sets.

Add 1tsp ctric acid, this brings out the flavour in the jelly.

greenforde, Dec 23, 10:49pm
Thanks can I add 1 tsp ctric to jellies made as usual?

noonesgirl, Dec 10, 12:50pm
yes, raspberry is really tangy.