Cornflour help

tessie3, Nov 30, 12:46am
In the middle of baking a fruit cake.Is wheaten cornflour the same as any cornflour eg Feilders?

245sam, Nov 30, 12:55am
tessie3, no....."wheaten cornflour" is not "the same as any cornflour" - as far as I can recall Fielders cornflour is maize (i.e. corn) flour while wheaten cornflour is made from wheat.
IMO, providing that you are not making a gluten-free cake you should be ok to use your wheaten cornflour.:-))

tessie3, Nov 30, 1:03am
Hello thankyou for that.The problem is I have the cornflour,but not the wheaten cornflour.Would it be alright to use the ordinary cornflour?

245sam, Nov 30, 1:17am
Yes, definitely use your "ordinary cornflour" which I presume is actually corn/maize-cornflour - IMO you don't have a problem - if your (or any) recipe states 'cornflour' then use what you have unless, as I advised above a gluten-free product is required in which case do not use wheaten cornflour.:-))

tessie3, Sep 16, 6:12pm
Thankyou for that.None of the local shops stock the wheaten one anyway.