Adding Cornflour to thicken

mountainchick, Jun 13, 5:21am
Hi All, Have a nice yummy stew in the crockpot at the moment, however it is has ALOT of liquid in it.
I know you can add cornflour to thicken, do I just put in a tablespoon or so and stir into the crockpot?

eastie3, Jun 13, 5:23am
I make it up into a smooth paste first, that way you don't end up with lumps. You can use the liquid to make the paste, and it needs to be reasonably loose in texture. Take it off the heat and stir it in, then return to the heat and cook it through.

bees939, Jun 13, 5:24am
don't put it straight in there, you'll get lumpy bits! mix it with some boiling water till it turns into a paste, then stir it in. probably about 1/3 cup water to a large tablespoon of cornflour. (doesn't need to be dead accurate). works a charm.

mountainchick, Jun 13, 5:25am
awesome, thanks, will add now :)

indy95, Jun 13, 5:29am
You can thicken the gravy with cornflour and water mixed to a smooth paste, mountainchick or you could take out some of the liquid and freeze it to use next time you want to make a stew. You could even pour off the liquid into a pan and reduce it over a fairly high heat to concentrate and thicken it to makea nice gravy, then pour it back over the meat.

herika, Jun 13, 7:24am
Put a tablespoon of the cornflour into a cup, then pour in a small amount of water until its smooth, if its too stiff add a little more water until you have a smooth paste. Use cold water. Then slowly pour a little of the paste into the stew and stir quickly. If its not thicken enough add a little more and repeat until it has thickened enough :)

mountainchick, Jun 13, 7:26am
Turned out perfect! And heaps of leftovers. I love my crockpot!

goldgurl, Aug 2, 10:05am
Boiling water #3? ?

I find hot water 'cooks' the cornflours straight away...

Have always used cold water to mix my cornflour.