Is cornstarch the same as cornflour?

vix.tribe, Jul 26, 7:35am
Not exactly an eating recipe, but still a recipe I guess... . I'm wanting to make spray starch and the recipe calls for cornstarch. Will cornflour work?

anne1955, Jul 26, 7:40am
Think so pretty damn sure it's same and interchange able ask google I did it the other day with spice replacements for something I didn't have...

vix.tribe, Jul 26, 7:43am
Thanks... was getting conflicting pages off google, but just found one that specifies NZ cornflour is the same as cornstarch. :-)

vix.tribe, Jul 26, 7:44am

Thank you... . I still forget the search option is available now.

cookessentials, Dec 1, 9:07am
You are welcome.