Cornflour. Can anyone tell me please.

nzldave, Jul 7, 10:09pm
Is cornstarch the same thing ? Cheers.

tano, Jul 7, 10:16pm
Yes, it is.

donnabeth, Jul 7, 10:23pm
One is from wheat, another from corn(maize) so I'm not sure which one is cornstarch. Can anyone tell me why they are both called cornflour?

cookessentials, Jul 7, 10:25pm
corn starch and corn flour are the same. Corn meal is the one that you are probably thinking of.

nzldave, Jul 7, 10:29pm
Hey thanks for that : )I notice at the supermarket there are two types. Wheaten cornflour and maize cornflour. Seems a bit weird calling it cornflour when it's made from wheat ?

cookessentials, Jul 7, 10:32pm
the wheat one is made from wheat and the maize is made from corn.

nzldave, Jul 7, 10:32pm
Great minds think alike Donnabeth.

nzldave, Jul 7, 10:37pm
So what's the difference between wheaten cornflour and just ordinary flour if they're both made from the same thing ?

cookessentials, Jul 7, 10:39pm
starch I would think

buzzy110, Jul 7, 11:20pm
wheaten cornflour is made from the endosperm of the wheat. Googling reveals that: "The corn is steeped for 30 to 48 hours, which ferments it slightly. The germis separated from the endosperm and those two components are ground separately (still soaked). Next the starch is removed from each by washing. It is separated from the gluten and other substances, and dried. Finally the starch may be modified for specific purposes".

The term cornflour is only used in Commonwealth countries except Canada. The rest of the world calls it cornstarch.

buzzy110, Jul 7, 11:22pm
Ordinary white flour, on the other hand uses all of the grain with the germ and bran removed. Various processes alter the gluten content to give you flours with a high gluten content (high grade) down to a lower gluten content (standard or pure).

calista, Jul 8, 11:20am
Thanks Buzzy - fascinating.

gkgirl, Jul 8, 11:33am
hehehe... you can make flour out of any grain, dear! just coz it is called flour does not mean it's from wheat!

cornflour has that shiny squeaky thing that wheatflour just don't have

uli, Jul 8, 9:11pm
Well put - I loved to play with it as a child ...

waswoods, Jul 8, 9:32pm
And in South Africa it is known as Maizena which is a brand name applied to all cornflour

pickles7, Oct 11, 7:02am
I would suggest you buy one bag of each, and compare how they thicken. You will be surprised, at what you will notice.