Wheaten cornflour - which brands!

annie.nz, Dec 8, 4:29am
I've got to make a sponge-based birthday cake tomorrow, and I usually use wheat cornflour as part of the mix (the old Fielder's recipe).
I've discorvered that the Edmonds/Fielders cornflour I have is made from maize, not wheat.

Can anyone tell me the brand of wheaten cornflour and which supermarket chain would usually have it!It would save me trolling around the lot tomorrow.


uli, Dec 8, 4:37am
If you are not allergic to wheat or corn there is no reason not to use either. It is after all just the starch that has been extracted from wheat or corn - or sometimes potato.

annie.nz, Dec 8, 4:47am
No allergies, but I prefer wheaten cornflour in sponges, it gives a rather better taste and texture than maize cornflour.

Thanks though.

245sam, Dec 8, 5:08am
annie.nz, do you have a Pak 'n Save or New World nearby!Although I'm sure that Countdown/Woolworths would stock wheaten cornflour, I can tell you that Pak 'n Save definitely do normally in their Pam's range and for that reason that I believe New World would also although I normally buy such items at PnS.:-))

annie.nz, Dec 8, 5:11am
Sweet, sam!Yes, there is a New World close, Pam's will do nicely.

Thanks for your help.

annie.nz, Dec 8, 5:12am
I swear though, that the last time I read a Fielders packet it said 'wheaten cornflour'.Though that would have been 30+ years ago.

kinna54, Dec 8, 5:42am
I have Fielders and sure mine is wheat: And still make mighty fine sponges!
I often buy cheaper bakingproducts in other lines, but 2 things I insist on are Fielder's cornflour and Edmonds baking powder.

annie.nz, Dec 8, 5:48am
* breaks out in cold sweat *

Please don't let all the cornflour brands have switched to maize, I wouldn't cope.

harrislucinda, Dec 8, 6:00am

annie.nz, Dec 8, 6:02am
Thanks lucinda.I did do a search on Pams though, and found that most posts refer to Pam's as maize cornflour, though others talk about wheaten.

I guess though if two people have said it's wheaten, it will certainly be.

ibcreative, Dec 8, 6:10am
Fielders make wheaten & maize. You've just picked up the wrong one.

245sam, Dec 8, 6:40am
ANDannie.nz, so do Pam's so read the printing carefully to be sure that you get the one you really want - at PnS the two cornflours (wheat and maize) are usually side by side and in very similar packets.:-))

annie.nz, Dec 8, 7:03am
Well, blow me down, I've just been to the supermarket, and you are right!My local New World only has Fielder's maize cornflour, but their stock is pretty patchy - I usually have to go somewhere else to complete my shopping.But Pam's has both, and they are in similar packets and side by side.

That'll teach me to read the packets instead of just grabbing whatever looks the same as I've been buying for 40 years.

Thanks everyone!

uli, Dec 8, 7:43am
annie.nz - if you ever have the time or inclination please do 2 sponges - one with wheat starch and one with corn starch. I am sure you won't see any difference. As starch is starch . no matter where it came from.

annie.nz, Dec 9, 1:11am
Thanks guys, I've been to a few supermarkets since I last posted looking for various stuff for tonight's party.Home Brand is definitely wheaten, but have so far only been able to find Edmonds.

guest, Jul 14, 5:59am
There is a definite difference in texture between wheaten and maize cornflour as one contains gluten and the other doesn't.