Pavlova help! Forgot the vinegar and cornflour!

blands70, Dec 24, 4:49am
I was just making vinaigrette and as I added the vinegar I realised I had forgotten both vinegar and cornflour when I made my pavlova this morning! It looks fine, just not sure what the inside will be like. Has anyone done this before? Will it be OK? Thanks!

wheelz, Dec 24, 4:55am, Dec 24, 6:43pm
Yes, don't worry. Some people actually leave it out, and I've forgotten it before without a problem.

kaddiew, Dec 24, 7:36pm
It will be just fine.

hidecote01, Dec 25, 5:40am
I remember putting in icing sugar once instead of the cornflour. Was just fine.

blands70, Dec 25, 9:31am
It was perfect!

lulu-belle1, Nov 11, 10:56am
Oh thanks blands70. I've made a pav today without the cornflour (because my daughter keeps making slime and didn't tell me she had used it all) so only put in the vanilla and white vinegar. Hoping it all turns out okay!