Help needed with a substitute for cornflour

viv., Sep 3, 11:26am
Hi, I am currently living in Dubai, just 6 months approx, & I would like to make some shortbread, we have looked for cornflour but can't find it in the grocery stores, or in the ones we've looked in, is there something else I could use or do you think I should replace it with extra flour.
Many thanks.

245sam, Sep 3, 11:41am
viv., do you recall seeing cornstarch?Cornflour is what we here in NZ know it as but in some countries (e.g. the US) it is known as cornstarch.

I'm not sure whether the following will be of any help to you but maybe.....depending on how you prefer your shortbread.This advice is thanks to davidt4
"Rice flour/Cornflour
No, they are not the same thing. Rice flour makes the shortbread very crisp, whereas cornflour makes it very smooth. If the rice flour is a small proportion of the total dry ingredients you could substitute fine semolina for the same effect.
davidt4 (117 ), 20 Sept (2009)"


cookessentials, Feb 24, 11:56am
You dont need corn flour at all
Scotland is credited to be birthplace of shortbread even though there were variations all over Europe.It is also known as "Dreaming Bread" and is served at weddings instead of cake.In Shetland and Orkney, caraway seed is added and called "Brides Boon".It can also be adorned with citrus peel and almonds.If rice flour is not available, cornflour makes a good substitute.Remember don't add any liquid to mixture and bake the shortbread slowly.For best results us a food processor as the crumbly dough has to be kneaded until it holds together.

150g chilled butter - cubed
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon caster sugar -extra

Using a 20cm spring form tin, line base with baking paper.Place butter and dry ingredients into processor bowl.Process until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.Continue processing until crumbs hold together.Approx. 5 minutes.Tip dough into spring form tin.Press evenly into base.Remove outside ring before placing on oven tray.Using a sharp knife mark dough into 12 wedges without cutting through.Prick at regular intervals with a fork.Sprinkle over extra sugar.Bake at 150degC for 50-60 minutes.Check to see if the shortbread is browning too quickly.If so lower temperature a little.A good shortbread should retain a light colour.While still warm, slide onto a board (remove base and baking paper) and finish cutting into wedges.Transfer to wire rack to cool completely.Store in an airtight container.