Vegetables... how do you like yours? :P

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 29, 10:10pm
Getting sick and tired of the same old veges has anyone got any great vege recipes like sides or meals im sure a lot of people out there would love to try something new

Thanks guys

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 29, 10:47pm
thanks elliehen i was hoping to find veges to go along side the usual dinner. these are fantastic though

smileeah, Nov 29, 10:47pm
I think this is a great idea as I often use veges the same way week in week out.
My favourite green salad at the moment is an Alison Holst recipe...

Mix 1T lemon juice, 1t sugar and 1/4t salt in salad bowl. Gently toss 1cm cubed avocado in juice.
Add layers of 2-3 tomatoes and a 10cm length cucumber both diced into 1cm cubes. Add layer of 2 c chopped iceberg or romaine lettuce (chopped into 1-2cm squares without breaking up). Slice over this 1-2 spring onions. Can now refrigerate up to 1 hour.
When ready to serve sprinkle over 1 T olive oil, grind black pepper and little more salt if necessary and gently toss to combine.

smileeah, Nov 29, 10:50pm
I'm also big on adding toasted almonds and sunflower, sesame (sometimes) and pumpkin seeds to my coleslaws for extra crunch and flavour at the moment.

uli, Sep 16, 12:00pm
Since there are about 3000 edible plants classed as "veges" (and of course thousands more that are edible) it is very unfortunate that you can only procure about 15 to 20 in a normal NZ supermarket - and maybe up to 40 or 50 on a NZ vege market.

So i would think the way to go is to learn how to grow veges and buy seeds.