Nuwave or flaverwave oven?????

croc1, Nov 29, 1:10am
Hi,can any one tell me which one works the best...CHEERS

pericles, Nov 29, 1:59am
I have 2.
Nuwave and easycook, nuwave is the best

willow123, Nov 29, 2:39am
haven't seen nuwave in the shops, only easycook and the new sunbeam one

dezzie, Nov 29, 4:53am
I've got an easycook and its great when theres just 2 or 3 in the family, we do roasts in it as well, the only thing is you don't get crispy crackle on your pork, but we have used it when we use the slow cooker for say roast chicken, and use the easy cook to do roast vege in, just a quick roll in oil and in there on 225 and they are done in 30 -40 minutes.
They save on power as well.

croc1, Nov 29, 4:59am
Thanks,may have to look at easycook too.

brideeshere, Nov 29, 10:00am
Thrilled with our Nuwave.Its great for just the two of us, although the extra surround extension (which we haven't used yet) does allow for bigger numbers.Love the easy to wash oven cavity ring.Use it for everything as it's so quick.Keeps pastry crisp.In the four months since we purchased ours, have well and truly paid back with saving on power with less use/need for the conventional oven.

croc1, Nov 29, 10:33am
Thanks for that info,has helped me heaps.

andrew499, Sep 15, 4:11pm
I too am an Easycook user and love it.I guess the major advantage with Easycook is its proven track record in reliability.Mine's 10 years old and still going strong and gets used regularly.