Any recipes for different Cheese Balls or Dips?

nova40, Dec 1, 9:14pm
Does anyone have a really nice dip for crackers....Thanks heaps :-)

danielvds, Dec 1, 10:37pm
This dip is delicious so be warned - once you start eating it, it is very hard to stop :)
250gm cream cheese, 1 small tin of drained crushed pineapple, 150gm packet of glace' cherries (chopped).Combine and add a little juice from the drained pineapple until you get the desired consistancy.Is very moreish with the little chicken flavoured crackers.

nova40, Dec 1, 10:50pm
Yummy thank you I will try this... sounds like it would be hard to stop once you start :-)

gennie, Dec 1, 11:04pm
Try these.Always go down really well at our staff morning teas.

Cheese Ball

250g spreadable cream cheese
Gherkins (approx 5 chopped)
Spring Onions (approx 3-4)
2 Squirts of Tomato sauce
2 squirts of Worchester sauce
¾ cup grated cheese

Mix together and form a ball, roll in chopped nuts.

Tuna Dip

Tin of tuna with lemon in
250g cream cheese

Blend together

kiwigoldie, Dec 1, 11:50pm
ob loaf cut hole (cap) in top and hollow out to 1 inch from sides


1 small chopped onion
¾ cup mayonnaise
375g cream cheese
1 ½ cups tasty cheese grated
1 teaspoon curry powder
4 large leaves of silver beat (lightly cooked and chopped)

Spoon mixture into hollowed loaf, put bread cap back on top. Wrap in tin foil and bake in oven for 11/2 hours at 175deg.

I sometimes chop some gherkin or salamior bacon or red or green pepper.
This is so delicious, i usually cant stop going back and back and back.

nova40, Dec 1, 11:52pm
Yum thanks so much... the sound of the bread cob loaf sounds wonderful.

jessie981, Dec 2, 5:08am
Savoury Bread Dip (similiar to kiwigoldie)
Vienna or Cob loaf
Remove top, hollow out loaf. ( keep bread , cut into strips & crisp in oven)
Lightly sautee` celery, onion, tomato, ham, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers (all or which you prefer). Stir in 2 cartons of cream cheese. Put back into the hollowed case, wrap in tinfoil & heat through 1 - 1&1/2 hrs @ 150. Enjoy.

jessie981, Dec 2, 5:11am
Thai Dip
150gr sour cream, 1/2c milk, 1tsp crushed garlic, 1TBSP chilli sauce, 2TBSP coriander, 2TBSP chopped parsley, squirt lemon juice, salt & pepper.

hunter7082, Dec 2, 5:16am
Mix a jar of corn relish and pottle of cream cheese together, its devine.

jessie981, Dec 2, 5:24am
Savoury Ball
Tasty cheese, 125gr chopped ham, 1tsp curry powder, grated onion, crushed garlic, 2TBSPs gerkins (opt), pkt onion soup, cayenne pepper, 2TBSPs tomato sauce, 2TBSPs mayonaise, 1tsp lemon juice, 1TBSP chopped fresh parsley, 1/2c chopped nuts.
Grate cheese, add ham, gerkins, onion, garlic, c. powder & cayenne pepper. Mix well, stir in liquids. Add parsley, salt & roll in chopped nuts. Chill before serving.

pickles61, Nov 23, 1:33am
Yummy Dip.
1pkt frozen spinach thawed &water squeezed out.1sml tin water chestnuts,3springonions finely chopped,1pkt spring vegetable soup mix,1cup mayo [homemade is much nicer] 11/2cups sour cream
miw altogther & chill .chop spinach up finely.

chrisynz, Nov 23, 2:16am
1 tub of cream cheese, 1 tin of smoked salmon. 1 tsp vinegar,

Drain and debone salmon, mash up into the cream cheese , with the vinegar...its lovely on crackers.. i usually take the skin on the smoked salmon as well.

chrisynz, Nov 23, 2:18am
1 round of camebert(sp) cheese (plain) 1 tub of cream chees, two spring onions chopped up...process both the cheeses together along with the sring onions..nice as a spread on crackers

chrisynz, Aug 28, 2:12am
1 tub of sour cream, 1 small jar of corn relish..mix together


1 tub sour cream , 1 small jar of gerkin relish..mix together