Scones made with lemonade and cream

badd7, Nov 17, 8:03am
Hi there, the guys at work have been doing alot of overtime this week and I would like to take them some scones for morning tea tomorrow BUT i can not find the recipe for these scones.Can anyone tell me how to make these scones.Thanks ....

harrislucinda, Nov 17, 8:22am

jaytee25, Nov 17, 8:25am
Lemonade Scpnes
2 Cups Self Raising Flour
1/2 Cup Lemonade
1/2 Cup Cream
Pinch of Salt
Mix cream & lemonade, stir into rest of ingredients with knife.Press out and cook 10-12 mins at 200^

Enjoy these are really easy and touch wood haven't had a disaster yet

marcs, Nov 17, 8:58am
you can actually change the lemonade for sparkling water and cream for milk and it still turns out great. Just a healthier option.

jubellsrose, Nov 18, 1:02am
I aways use dry lemonade,as not so sweet.

susieq9, Jun 18, 3:38am
I have used zero or diet lemonade, as this does not make too sweet a scone.

elliehen, Jun 18, 3:50am
It's a hot scone dripping with butter sort of a day...

waswoods, Jun 18, 7:11am
I have even used L&P for these scones and it's fine

janny3, Sep 25, 1:45am

rasin11, Sep 25, 7:52am
Have you tried the idiot proof ones No mess easy as. and I make them in a round shape and just cut through so you pull the triangles apart later! No complaints yet. The recipes on this site

sarahb5, Sep 25, 8:10am
Me too and I thought they were a bit more interesting/less sweet - I'm also keen to try the frozen L&P at Maccas

janny3, Sep 25, 1:20pm
Idiot proof my favourite. Never turned out like concrete yet & as has been said, avoids the sugar.

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