Homemade Lemonade

sailze, Sep 18, 10:25pm
here is recipe we found in an old recipe book , which we tried making 3-4 weeks ago

6 lemons
3 lbs sugar
4 Gals water/16 ltrs
2 Tablespoons Cream of tartar

EditDeleteQuotesailze (93 )10:07 am, Sun 19 Sep #13
peel lemons thinly and add with the juice to the 4 Gallons of water and bring to the boil .Take of heat and add cream of tartar leave to stand for two days the bottle into clean sterralised softdrink bottles with screw caps then put in a cool dark place for a week .
we found the longer you leave it the better it tastes we had a bottle last nite could hardy notice the fermentation taste like after the first week. and its really fizzy kids love it

ladeda, Sep 18, 10:53pm
To make 2l of ready to drink lemonade:

Juice of 4 lemons
Peeled rind of 2 lemons
1/4-1/2 cup sugar (or Splenda)

Boil up the rinds with a couple of hefty sprigs of mint. Drain and cool. Add to juice and top up to 2L. Add another sprig of mint for decoration.

squeakygirl, Sep 19, 2:02am
I've been making pootang's recipe for 40 years. Kids all loved it. Great with vodka too, and hot in the winter.

wildflower, Sep 19, 3:46am
If you don't want masses of sugar, both soda water and diet tonic are great added straight to lemon juice.

clint72, Nov 1, 7:43pm
Hi all, does anyone have a recipe for a lemonade concentrate that is kept refrigerated, I think it may have citric acid in it?I have fond memories of my granny having a flagon of it in her fridge all summer and would love to make it for my own kids.Thanks in advance

pootang1, Nov 1, 7:50pm
We make this one for the kids and us.
1.5kgs sugar
15g tarteric acid
15g citric acid
15g epsom salts
1.5L of boiling water
zest and juice of 12 lemons (previously washed)

Place the first five ingredients in a pot and stir over a low heat.When it begins to come to a simmer add the juice and zest of the lemons.Simmer until the sugar has dissolved.

Strain through a seive if wanted (we do) and store in bottles in the fridge (we use old coke/lemonade 1.5L bottles).

Mix the concentrate with water to serve.We add ice too.


pickles7, Nov 1, 9:07pm
Lemonade...Fizzy...25 x 1 liter bottles.

grate the rinds off 10 lemons, discard pith, slice the flesh very thinly, add 15 grams of both, citric and tartaric acids, add 6 cups of white sugar...pour on 1 liter of hot water to dissolve the sugar, add cold water making it up to 20 liters, Throw in a good handful of raisins, cover well... stir every day for 4 days.. Strain , bottle [into plastic drink bottles] cap them and leave 2 weeks. Chill well , enjoy... I made this for my kids but they insisted they wanted the rhubarb fizzy drink. Suited me as I had more rhubarb than lemons.

pootang1, Nov 1, 9:14pm
ohh, pickles7 can i beg you for the rhubarb fizzy drink recipe please *on my knees*the kids and i have never tried that one.

pickles7, Nov 1, 9:25pm
There is one on here some where use the search function, you should see it. Rhubarb champagne. I haven't compared it to my recipe asI don't make it any more. My kids loved the pretty colour.

harrislucinda, Nov 2, 7:38am
madethatrhubarbleft2weeksnowopeningnotthathappywith itratherhaveelderflowerdrink

pickles7, Jul 14, 8:19am
Apple champagne....drink
1.5kg apples (you need tart apples), 5.7 litres water, 1kg sugar, juice and zest of 3 lemons. Place apples in a plastic bag and put in your freezer for 3 days. Thaw until they're soft enough to pulp in batches in your blender with a little water. Pour this apple sludge into a clean plastic bucket, add the rest of the water and cover with a tea towel. Leave for 7 days, stirring twice a day, then strain through cheesecloth. Discard the pulp, pour the juice back into the bucket with the sugar and lemon, stir well and leave for 24 hours.It'll soon start fizzing. Strain again and bottle in screw-top plastic bottles so you can loosen the lids if they threaten to blow.