Choc Chippee Lemonade and Whipped Cream recipe

churchmousenz, Dec 8, 11:49pm
Has anyone got the recipe using the above. I know you soak the bikkies in lemonade and the layer it between layers of whipped cream.Need to know how much lemonade I use..I think that you can do this with gingernuts too

245sam, Dec 9, 12:01am
churchmousenz, my DH makes the dessert you describe without a recipe using gingernuts, ginger wine or sherry and cream.Here is a personally untried recipe that may help you, for the same type of dessert .....

1 packet chocolate chip biscuits
½ cup muscatel or sherry - basically any cold liquid of choice can be used including fruit juice, fizzy drink, or of course, an alcoholic drink
1¼ cups cream, whipped

Dip (don't soak because the biscuits will become too soft and soggy) the biscuits, one at a time, in the wine, then spread each biscuit with the whipped cream.
On a serving plate line up the creamed biscuits to form a log.Cover the log completely with whipped cream.Decorate as desired withe.g. chocolate chips, crumbled Flake bar, a dusting of cocoa or drinking chocolate or.....Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Hope that helps.:-))

geldof, Dec 9, 12:02am
A can would well and truly cover it, as it should be a dunk not a soak.Have never heard of using lemonade.have always used alcohol, coffee orfruit juice.

christne, Dec 9, 12:18am
Please do not use orange juice.

christne, Dec 9, 12:19am
BTW - you sound like quite the chef (as long as there is none of that watermelon/feta/mint stuff going on) *waits for Christmas day invite*

geldof, Dec 9, 12:46am
Orange juice is high in Vit C and vitally important to one's health.

geldof, Dec 9, 12:49am
Watermelon, feta, mint is tonight with steak and baked spuds.will save you some.

Christmas day3pm onwards, plus Boxing day.You're welcome.

Would appear that the rest of the neighbournood have become teetotallers!

christne, Dec 9, 1:02am
Yay - thank you!!!BTW again -man your lot get spoilt..steak,spuds - the works and it is probably just a normal nights dinner (won't tell B about this one) - seriously you sound like a bl**dy saint..and you probably mange to serve it all up before 6pm as well!!!

margyr, Dec 9, 4:24am
I am going to try the watermelon over christmas, it sounds yum.

gardie, Dec 9, 4:54am
Agree but the acid in the OJ will not go well with the cream!

nik12, Dec 9, 5:12am
I've done it with orange juice when I forgot to buy the lemonade - it was fine. But I do do it with gingernuts.

geldof, Dec 9, 5:31am
Agree gardie.was actually just having a dig at christne

churchmousenz, Dec 9, 8:01pm
Thanks folks for your help it is appreciated.
I will layer it in ramkins.

sarahj1, Dec 10, 3:19am
Gingernuts and sherry was the way to go in Tawa circa 1972 which is when I can remember my Mum proudly serving this at a dinner party to much acclaim!
(About the same time pate and garlic crushers first made their appearance in Kiwi kitchens...I can remember passing homemade pate around to guests as a kid and lots of oohs and aahs...)

usualsuspect, Dec 10, 12:14pm
my sil does this for her christmas speciality,

she dips her choc chippys into sherry or orange juice then puts them together with the whipped cream then puts chocolate flake crumbled over the log and its a hit at our christmas dinners...

trader125, Dec 11, 8:49pm
make this every year but have never used whipped cream (only with gingernuts) dip choc chips in juice then layer up with chocolatemousse ,decorate with strawberries /flakeswhatever u like

kiwibubbles, Dec 11, 11:02pm
yep done it with lemonade before - delicious.

buzzy110, Dec 12, 2:46am
Honestly, is it really all that nice? I tried to make the gingernut and sherry one once. DH had one bite, spat it out, looked at me in total disgust and stalked off to do the dishes. I tried mine and understood what he was getting at. Shikes. The dog wouldn't even eat it, and she was my mobile rubbish bin.

What did I do wrong?

timetable, Dec 12, 2:56am
I'm doing the gingernut one this year lol useing gingerale - have done a test run and it was rather yummy..... make it the night before and it will be lovely and morish come the big turkey and ham day...

morgana-rose, Dec 12, 4:11am
Is this that biscuit log that valentines also make at ther resturant, i throught it was nice appart from them using the budget biscuit brand

nik12, Dec 12, 5:14am
yes it is the same morgana-rose.
buzzy, no idea what you did wrong!I much prefer gingernuts - perhaps if you did chocchip's try again?

buzzy110, Oct 19, 5:18pm
Thanks for the advice but once bitten twice shy as they say. The level of sweetness was gut churning. And the mixture of cream, alcohol and gingernuts was - well it was blerk inducing. A mega hit of sugar and clashing tastes just did our heads in. We could find no redeeming feature. Plus, it was all rather a messy pile of stodge on the plate with no redeeming features.

Can it really be that yummy?

Sigh. I must be the Xmas grinch. I'm looking forward to something much crisper, fresher and zingier after our Xmas lunch. Maybe an ice-cold dessert wine and fresh berries with side bowl of creme patisserie whipped with lemon spread and cream.