Quick Q, Trifle.....

cherstu, Feb 28, 1:04am
I have all the stuff to make it, just not sure when to put it all in the bowl, ready for dessert tonight...
I made the sponge earlier, turned out like hardness! ! ! Bloody crappy oven! ! ! So should i be putting the juice and such in now so its nice and soft? ? ? ? ? TIA :)

cherstu, Feb 28, 1:13am
bump... anyone...

winnie231, Feb 28, 1:19am
Have a read here ... lots of methods & ideas.

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=102199

fruitluva2, Feb 28, 1:22am
You should be able to soften with the jelly, then place in fridge to set then add fruit and custard leave to set then cream, set again. Add topping if using fruit, crumbled flake or 100's & 1000's.

Some add gingerale in their trifle, I just don't like soggy trifle so I don't add.

cherstu, Feb 28, 1:34am
Thankyou :)

vinee, Feb 28, 2:14am
Pour on da booze!
Trifle isn't trifle without sherry. IMHO.
and it will soften your hard sponge not to mention anyone who eats it!

lizab, Sep 15, 3:03am
got to be sponge in the bottom, soaked in sherry, tin of drained fruit cocktail next, then jelly (using the juice from the canned fruit), once set pour on the custard and then cream and chocolate shavings! ! Yum - must make a trifle soon!

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