Chocolate Eclairs......can they be frozen?

westliferox, Nov 16, 3:17am
Hi....i brought a bulk pack of chocolate eclairs from pak n save (they were cheap!) there's 30 in the pack.....can they be frozen???if not i guess we will have to give some away lol!!!

dezzie, Nov 16, 3:23am
before they have cream in they can, just put them in something so they don't get beaten up, a plastic container.

westliferox, Nov 16, 3:24am
Awesome!!! thanks so much away to find a container now lol!!

tortenz, Nov 16, 4:08am
We used to make hundreds at a time and freeze them :)Though they may have already been frozen... a lot of times they will buy in/make items like that and defrost as stocks deplete at the front (they do the same with sponges, lamingtons, etc)I'm sure they would be fine to freeze again though?

tich50, Nov 16, 11:18am
Ibuythefrozenoneswithcreamatpakn saveandthey'redeliciouswhendefrosted.....

gardie, Aug 11, 10:03am
...nice frozen too.