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poce, Feb 27, 8:15am
While I have been doing some baking over the last couple of months I have found that the butter is very oily, any one else notice this.

Made some muffins yesterday and the muffin tray was very oily in the bottom.

For years I have been making the weekly scones I have given up now they have become terrible just like hard bricks. The oven tray is oily when removing them from the oven.

nicole.t, Feb 27, 8:17am
I totally agree. I have found this when using the supermarket brands of butter and also Tarurua. My policy now id only to use Mainland or Anchor.

fruitluva2, Feb 28, 2:10am
It is odd and I was thinking I may have added too much so thanx nicole. t. And I've gone back to anchor and mainland too.

vinee, Feb 28, 2:12am
Check the ingrediants too, some brands have water in them.
They shouldn't!

ksr, Feb 28, 3:18am
And the cream isn't whipping. You have to beat it for AGES, it seems ultra thin.

opawa21, Feb 28, 7:39am
gone are the days when milk was just milk, cream was just cream and butter was good for you ! ! ! ! What are they adding to our basics ! !

vinee, Feb 28, 9:13pm
what are they feeding the cows! maybe. .

harrislucinda, Feb 28, 9:43pm

bams1, Feb 28, 10:03pm
Its got nothing to do with the cows or what they are eating - its what the processors are doing it to it before you get it.

vinee, Feb 28, 10:38pm
It's funny isn't it - you think the least they do would be cheaper than processing the buggery out of stuff!
It could still be what they eat - if they also eat processed food.

griffo4, Feb 28, 10:40pm
Totally agree with bams1 we feed our cows so they get the same amount of food, it is the processing.
My neighbour makes cheese with milk from their vat and it is fine. The cream is the same on the top of our milk and if we made butter it would be good.
The processors are to blame for any changes

poce, Feb 28, 11:22pm
All very interesting! . . the butter I used was Anchore. Will try mainland next time. As someone said the more it is processed the more cost. . so why cant they leave it as is supposed to be. This goes for a number of other foods items as well.

Was talking to my mother (85yrs) she still does the baking, said hers looked like water had been added.

Thank all for your comments, thought I was loosing it with the weekly baking.

rogergayle, Mar 1, 2:14am
I try not use the brands with water in them, Mainland and Tararua are good the cheapo ones with water tend to split sauces and alters consistency of baking Iv e noticed anyway

fruitluva2, Mar 1, 4:37am
Quite correct its the processors trying to squeeze ina few more dollars bydiluting the products to gain more goods. Even milk is diluted more.

fruitluva2, Mar 24, 1:36am
Dang I couldn't remember which butter is crap for baking so hoping i made the right choice I chose tararua. My bake is ruined and oily, down with tararua butter.

elliehen, Mar 24, 3:04am
In an earlier thread, many seemed to think that Mainland in the foil wrap was the best. It's now over $6. 00 but is regularly 'on special' for around $3. 49.

fruitluva2, Mar 24, 3:58am
Yeah I just didn't want to spend over 5 bux for it and anchor. Tararua sux like sofia's stacksofrecipes does.

maxwell.inc, Mar 24, 4:03am
I wonder if its regional? we use a lot of butter and I am not having any problems with it. . also don't have the rancidity problem that some are having (our supermarkets must treat it a bit better)

cgvl, Mar 24, 9:47am
the rancid problem seems to have gone I have noticed butter tasting better of late.
Read the labels on your butter, most but not all contain cream, salt and water. Butter should contain cream and salt only, nothing else.
I avoid at all costs the ones containing water as this will cause problems with baking and sauces etc.
Cream again have a look at the label and compare the fat content of your cream it should be at least 40% otherwise it wont whip as well. Also cream that is really fresh takes longer to whip.

lulu239, Mar 24, 6:33pm
I'm fed up with manufacturers altering their products and saying "New, Improved" etc. We buy their products because we like them, don't they realise that? If we don't like what they have done we have to go on the merry go round of trying other products to the detriment of our wallets. I use Sucaryl in my coffee and they have "improved it". It now doesn't dissolve without stirring (it used to dissolve immediately) and doesn't taste the same. Manufacturers - alter your well loved products at your peril!

st_allie, Mar 24, 7:53pm
I just checked the ingredients of the tararua butter i bought on tuesday. . it says cream and salt. .

I haven't had any problems with mine and it's still 500grams.

Someone on the supermarket shrinking product postings ( general thread I think) was saying some blocks of butter are no longer the full 500grams.

My preference is the mainland butter block, but it wasn't on special this week.

maxwell.inc, Mar 24, 9:32pm
Only one of the NZ butters meets that... Tararua. (no water)

alistacamel, Mar 24, 10:07pm
raw milk, that's the way to go

st_allie, Mar 24, 10:19pm
I was a bit concerned about the thought of water being added. . so I just gave fonterra a call about their mainland and anchor 500gm blocks. . they assured me they don't add water to butter it will separate out. . it is cleaned with water before becoming a block on the shelf.

Also the semi soft products have oils added to them . . still no water added, it just doesn't work.

uli, Mar 24, 10:30pm
I am more worried about the buttermilk that is not separated out well enough. Melt a 500g block of NZ butter and check how much white fluid there is at the bottom of the pot! I am not impressed at all.

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