Ideas for healthy lunch box?

religion, Feb 26, 3:10am
I just cant think.
Just need healthy ideas to put in kids lunch box.

Any ideas would be great, thanks.

lythande1, Feb 26, 3:21am
What do they like?
Just avoid putting too many sugar filled things in it. That's all you need to worry about really. Whatever sandwiches they like, some fruit - make sure its fruit they actually like though, savouries, cheese, whatever. Ask them, they might surprise you. Telling them to skip the lollies and cake of course.

davewendy, Feb 26, 3:28am
Rice crackers, raisins, cheese and crackers (separate otherwise they go soggy! )other dried fruit if your child/ren like them such as dates, apricots etc. It's very individual dependant on their likes/dislikes! Our son has gone off sandwiches, so I refuse to put them in his lunchbox just to throw them out at the end of the day! As for fruit, that's been coming home uneaten! ! Good luck!

religion, Feb 26, 3:40am
Thanks heaps ay.

gaspodetwd, Feb 26, 8:18am
Grissini bread sticks. Pita chips. Vege sticks and hummus. Mushroom pate. Salad sammies - or marmite, cream cheese, nut spreads, fruit spreads. Loads of fresh fruit. wholemeal fruit muffins.
We avoid crackers - due to the high sodium and trans fats. I also dislike processed meats. I rotate tomato sammies, nut butters, marmite, fruit spreads, smoked salmon pate, tuna and mayo salad. I like it to be as low GI as possible. I also include dry breakkie cereal to snack on! As teh kdis can't clean their teeth at school we avoid dried fruit!

religion, Feb 26, 8:36am
Thanks gaspodetwd, thats great i like the idea of low GI. Kids are 4, 3&2 yrs, Master 4 has just started taking lunch to kindy( he now stays longer there) and i just had no idea what to put in it.

ruby19, Feb 26, 6:58pm
I make pizza bread, (vogels is good) toast one side of bread then spread the other side with tom paste sprinkle with cheese & oregano.
Cut up carrot & cucumber and add a little pot of hummus. Rice crackers, home made pikelets, , pop corn. Cold sausage, chicken drumstick. Sushi, pasta salad, rice salad, couscous salad. My kids are liking plums at the moment so have 2 in their lunch boxes.

darlingmole, Feb 26, 9:31pm
Yoghut (frozen at this time of year is great)
homemade tortilla wraps (tuna/ham/salad)
savoury muffins
pottles of salad (potato/egg/rice/pasta ~ whatever they'll eat)
homemade pizza

I always put a little sweet treat in or else they'll think they're missing out!

barloo, Feb 27, 2:50am
pancakes (filled with what ever), scones, muffins toasted sandwiches, mouse traps can all be made ahead and frozen down till you take them out in the morning and straight into their lunch boxes:)

religion, Sep 12, 3:52pm
All great ideas, Thanks. Lucky Master 4 likes nearly everything. Going to be trying these new things out.