usualsuspect, Jan 29, 11:16am
for the spray and wipe liquid and for the spray on get rid of mould liquid and for any other recipies anyone has for cleaning with these 2 items. also does anyone know what to add to get rid of the vinegar odour? many thanks. . i am trying to go non toxic (and save some dollars as well)

arcadia_online, Jan 29, 11:40am
Google it - there are heaps of recipes on line as it varies depending on what you want to clean etc. - also don't worry about the vinegar smell - it dissipates - good luck with it best cleaning method I know.

alpha02, Jan 29, 8:29pm
http://frugalliving. once=true& is where I have got some tips from. I use Baking soda on a damp cloth to clean my shower, It is so much better that most other named brands for afraction of the cost.

4emma, Jan 29, 8:35pm
Do anyone know how to get watermarks off shower glass?

sunflowers28, Jan 30, 9:39am
For a goodrange of white vinegar & baking sodarecipesgoogle Use recipes from that site for last 4 months, Friend& I make it up in bulk last 4-6 weeks. Great savings and a cleaner house too.

viv29, Jan 30, 11:12am
What a giggle. I just made my own "cleaners" yesterday. Bottle (old vinegar bottle) of warm water, 1 tsp baking soda, few squirts of liquid soap and tee tree oil (or some other nice smelly thing - but not essential). The place looks great - I'm suprised. Also sprinkled baking soda with crushed rosemary on carpets and vacumed after an hour (used to buy those carpet sprinkles -but so expensive). With all due respect - I'm not PC - just trying to save money - but house has never smelt or looked better. Books say a paste of baking soda and vinegar will clean shower - haven't tried it yet - but give it a go.

twinsforus, Jan 30, 10:45pm
This recipe is posted in the "we don't buy it cos we make it" thread (can't remember original posters name) I have been using it for about 6 months, is great! Cuts through grease, can be used on almost all surfaces (avoid leaving it to sit on painted surfaces as the washing soda can start "eating" into the surface)
Cleaning spray
1 ltr water, 200ml vinegar, 40ml dish detergent, 40ml eucalyptus oil (I only use 10-15 mls as find the smell too strong) , 2 desertspns washing soda crystals. Mix together, put is spray bottle and use or add 60ml to bucket water and use for floors. (eucalyptus oil is toxic for cats and dogs! Can make above mix without the oil though)

duckmoon, Jan 31, 4:50am
I have purchased three empty spray bottles.
*water with 50 drops of clove oil, I use it to spray over mould, the next day wash away.
*water with 50 drops of lavendar oil, i use it as a spray and wipe. It cleans grime realy well, and is a natural antispectic
*baking soda in an icing sugar shaker with vinegar in a spray bottle for "baked on stuff" (like today, our vinyl chair looked gruppy, I used it on that).

sue62, Feb 1, 3:17am
Hi Duckmoon. Where is the best place to buy the lavender and clove oil?

captkirknz, Feb 2, 1:40am
will also clean the oven... . . sprinkle baking soda in oven and spray with vinegar. Non toxic! ! !

wattie10, Feb 5, 6:48am
lavender oil and clove oil can be bought in health stores tea tree and eucalyptus can be bought at pac and save

raewyn64, Feb 5, 7:18am
so it should also do the microwave? Mine gets so grubby - especially if I have been melting butter in it and it has spit everywhere.

ems4, Feb 5, 9:16am
To clean the microwave - dissolve some baking soda in a bowl of water (I just fling some in! ) - put in microwave and bring to the boil. Leave for around 10 mins to steam and the dirt just wipes straight off.

dobilina, Feb 5, 9:38am
I can also tell you that white vinegar is great on weeds. I buy the large homebrand bottles and pour it neat between the cracks of concrete and cobblestones and around edges. Just make sure you don't use it anywhere you might want to grow something in the near future as it really works well. Cheap and non toxic. Ihave been using it for years because I have several animals.

winnie15, Feb 15, 11:57pm
bumping for mould cleaner

winnie15, Aug 11, 3:16am
i've switched from cleaning my bathroom /shower etc from bought products to this from wendyls site... it's lovely and brings everything up so shiny with no chemical smells to choke on . .

Spray cleaner

This is easy to mix up and not only cleans well but fills the air with gorgeous smells. It takes a whole minute to make.

Nearly fill a 1 litre spray bottle with water. Add 1 tsp baking soda, a few drops of liquid soap (preferably Dr Bronner's Castile liquid soap, or use Sunlight) and 10 drops of lavender or tea-tree essential oil. Shake together. If you have wooden bench tops, add about 1 tsp of olive oil and shake the bottle every time you use it to disperse the oil.

You can use other essential oils in the spray cleaner. In the winter I like to use warm oils, like cedarwood, rosemary, clove or even some natural vanilla essence, to give the kitchen a cosy smell. In summer, go for citrus smells like orange, lemon or lime. And if flies are a problem use citronella oil which will help deter them.

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