Vegetarian Sandwich

helen_wentworth, Feb 24, 4:02am
Does any one have any exciting sandwich ideas, im getting bored of the plain ol' lettuce, avocado, alfalfa etc.

doug57, Feb 24, 4:20am
Does the vegetarian part extend to fish as well?
If not, a tin of tuna drained and mixed with mayo and curry powder is yum. Eggs boiled and mashed with mayo and mustard or curry powder.
My daughter loves crunchy peanut butter and slicedtomatoes [don't knock this one. . try it please! ]

helen_wentworth, Feb 24, 4:34am
Nah no fish!

But yeah im gonna try the Peanut butter & Tomato one
And the Curry with eggs sound yummy!

cookessentials, Feb 24, 5:42am
mashed eggs with a good mayo and snipped chives. Layer one slice of your bread with fresh lettuce, then spread with the egg mix, sliced tomato, then another layer of lettuce ( helps the bread stop getting too moist from the egg) If you like canned asparqagus, make asparagus rolls or fresh cucumber sandwiches with a good dash of freshy ground pepper and a little salt.

cookessentials, Feb 24, 5:45am
1. Chargrilled peppers (1/2 a red and 1/2 a green pepper sliced in 1cm thick strips)
2. Sliced avocado
3. Green pesto/ chutney
4. Thinly sliced cheese (if desired)

Homemade Green Chutney:
Clove garlic
2 handfuls coriander
Handful of mint
1 green chilli (or 2 if you like it hot! )
1 tspn Crushed peanuts
Juice of half a lemon
Teaspoon sugar
Salt if desired

Blitz in a blender to a semi-smooth paste (like pesto).

Freeze any extra in ice cube trays and transfer to Tupperware once frozen. Will keep for 2-3 months.

winnie231, Feb 24, 5:56am
*Cottage or cream cheese with mint & cucumber or dates & orange zest.
*Cream cheese & chopped dried apricots (I chop then soak the apricots overnight).
*Blue cheese (blue brie is nice), celery & walnuts.
*Grated carrot & peanut butter.
*Banana & peanut butter.
*Mashed peas & mint (great when avocados are $$)

winnie231, Feb 24, 5:58am
Vary the kind of bread you are using too for more variety.
Wraps, pitas, breadrolls, ciabatta ...

eastie3, Feb 24, 6:01am
Cook some quinoa, when cool mix with green and black olives, mesclun or baby spinach leaves, fried eggplant cubes, diced feta if liked and halved cherry tomatoes. Stir through plenty of chopped flat leaf parsley and coriander. Season with s&p. Make a dressing of sherry vinegar, evoo, wholegrain mustard, honey, salt and pepper. I either take this in a container or in a wrap or just as a sandwich.
Edited to say this also works well with orzo/risone, or couscous.

duckmoon, Feb 24, 7:47am
boiled egg

duckmoon, Feb 24, 7:47am
salsa, hummus

barloo, Feb 24, 7:48am
heres my fav! !

cheeses, tomato and peanut butter! ! mmMmm

Loves veggie combos!

glendeb, Feb 24, 8:01am
I have lettuce, beetroot, tomato and cheese (if you are allowed cheese).

Or egg, lettuce, tomato.

Tomato and avocado.

frances1266, Feb 24, 8:16pm
Veggie bacon, lettuce and tomato make a yummy BLT sandwich

barloo, Feb 24, 11:15pm
there are a few veggie cheeses out there! ! look for "vegetable rennet" ! ! as often, they are not called vege cheese on the labeling on the front! !

buzzy110, Feb 25, 12:22am
Why not cook legumes (chick peas, cannelini, red bean, etc), blend them with some tahini (optional) and lemon juice. Now you have a nice protein spread to use then add other vegetables of choice. Have you tried grilling eggplant? slice lengthways or into rounds, brush with oil and either fry in a pan or grill (I do that in my Easy Cook) till cooked. They go well with feta cheese and mint.

Grated carrot, grated beetroot.

Too bad you are a vegetarian who doesn't seem to be aware of the huge range of foods you can actually eat and how to prepare them. Have you thought to get a few recipe books from your library? They are an invaluable resource.

davejillmc, May 15, 11:37am
Yummy Hummus Sandwich - All our friends love these! ! Wholemeal slices of bread, spread with pumpkin & kumara hummus(I make mine & freeze in ice cube containers), a few spring onions, frilly lettuce, beetroot, tomato, grated carrot, small grating of cheese, and two drops of Italian or french dressing. I wrap in gladwrap and roll it back at one end to eat, as you lose the filling otherwise. Enjoy! !

elliehen, May 15, 12:43pm
Cream cheese, chopped dates and grated carrot in whole wheat bread... a sweet treat :)

emmapear, May 16, 5:58am
Too bad you are such a bitch.

anna70k, May 16, 6:04am
vegemite and potato chips... . dont putthe chips in till just b4 eating, so they stay crunchy! ! !

gaspodetwd, May 16, 6:13am
grated cheese, spring onion and mayo.
grated apple, cheese and mayo with finely chopped celery

prendy1, May 16, 7:03am
Cream cheese and sliced capsicum; hummus, avocado and chutney; peanut butter and pear; hummus, beansprouts and pepper jelly (my personal favourite! ) cheese and pineapple, pesto, lettuce, tomato and avocado...

madzwhippet, May 8, 2:51am
... some very simple ones, and also great favourites hereare(1)sliced tomato and a little finely cut garlic, salt and black pepper to season... . or (2) finely sliced cucumber layered thickly with salt and black pepper... ... ... ... . (3) grated raw beetroot with a touch of mayonnaise or salad dressing. . seasoned. . K. I. S. S.

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