Gentleman's Sandwich

lulu239, Jul 22, 4:47am
Daughter and I were talking about a Gentleman's Sandwich and I couldn't remember what was normally accepted as the norm. Googling gives me all sorts of varioations of course, but I seem to remember there was one particular sort. It has given me the itch to find out now. Any help?

rainrain1, Jul 22, 5:04am
Oh I have never heard of those before. my mother always made my father marmite and raw onion sandwiches for supper, I don't recall her making him any other than these. Probably doesn't make the grade for most peoples tastes, but I love them too.

kay141, Jul 24, 12:07pm
I've never heard of Gemtleman's sandwich but there used to be, and may still be, a product called Gentleman's Relish.

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